Trips ‘n dates

.. my plans may change! After all – the world is constantly spinning, and there is only so much a woman can do to stop it.. So, my plans might find its own ways and dates at times.. Kind of “go-with-the-flow”attitude. BUT here comes:


  • September: Denmark, Iceland
  • September: USA
  • October: Mexico, Guatemala
  • November – December: South America


  • January – March: Fiji, Australia
  • April – May: Thailand
  • June: Nepal / SE Asia
  • July: China
  • August: Japan
  • September: Iceland, Denmark

12 Responses to Trips ‘n dates

  1. Eva says:

    oh mig langar svo með:/ þurfum að skoða þetta:)

  2. Àlfrún says:

    ædislegt hjá thér ad láta drauminn rætast……ég ætti kanski ad gera einsog thú…. finna minn draum og láta hann rætast…. held ad han sé grafinn einhverstadar…..

  3. Inga says:

    OHHH hvað verður gaman að fylgjast hér með þér elsku Védís mín og góða ferð og hlakka sko svakalega til að lessa bloggið þitt

  4. sigurdur snæfell sigurdsson says:

    sæl skvisa þú stendur þig vel og gamman að fylgjast með ferðum þínum.
    hafðu það sem best stort knus ..sjáumst kram sigurd

  5. Danielle Serafim says:

    Hello my dear,

    I finally found your card. I was looking forward to follow your trip, and I hope I’m not too late.

    I’m flying to Brazil tomorrow morning and, if by any chance, that South America includes it, let me know, so I can take you out for caipirinhas.

    Send me an e-mail and we can agree on that.

    Miss you in Denmark!!!!

    Take care and have fun!!!!!

    Big hugs,

    Danielle (your Brazilian customer – and I was reading those 10 things and hoping I did not do any, even though our start was after a bad experience, but I promise you I trusted you with all my heart!!!)

    • vedisfonn says:

      My dearest Daniella, of course i was NOT prefering to you in what i wrote about customers 😉 you are one of my favorites, you know that 😉
      I will write you an e mail soon, im heading for Brasil, yes, but not the next two to three months at least. Lets keep in touch.
      Ciao and hugs 🙂

  6. Somebody is going to busy ! 🙂 Great blog, Vedis ! Did you make it to Chile on your South American trips ? If not, go and visit some time – it’s an amazing country ! I lived there for four years and checked out the driest place on earth (Atacama Desert) and travelled right to the south to Punta Arenas where I visited the penguin colony at Otway Sound (cute little chaps, but very windy !).

    • vedisfonn says:

      Hi 🙂
      No, unfortunaly i wont be making it to Chile this time around, im going to Egypt after Galapagos.
      But will defenately ask of your advice if i should make my way there 🙂

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