Top 10 and whats up!

I promised some top 10’s last time I wrote.

I’ve been back for a while now, about 7 weeks. Back to work, back to life.. Reality, and boy it has been a hard change coming back. I have not missed wearing shoes, putting on make up and styling my hair every day. I have not missed routine life that much at all. I’m back at work which is nice I’ve missed it a little, but I day-dream about the ocean every day. Day dream and dream about it at nights, it has become an obsession and I truly miss it. Here is a picture of yours truly, the way I looked with all my bags, back pack and dive bag

With all my gear!! that’s a lot of gear.

Few of the “strange things that have happened or changed inside of me since I came home from my travels, the ones I notice!

  1. Somehow, I am very sensitive about water use. I do not waste it anymore, or try my best not to.
  2. Paper usage, the same.
  3. I don’t “need” anything! seriously, I don’t have the feeling inside anymore that tells me, I need this and that.
  4. Always liked animals, now I love them. I want to save them all!! Not possible I know, but that’s the feeling I have.
  5. More time for friends and family, after all they are the most important people in my life, and the ones who will be there in the long run.
  6. I can NOT throw food away! I have seen people do the strangest wildest things to get food, so I do not throw it out. No more over consume in buying too much then throwing out!
  7. ANYTHING is possible

So here comes my Top ten from this trip

Out of all the places I saw and went to there are few that are amongst my favorites, and hard to pick one favorite. I did go to USA and travelled through there, I spent almost two months in Mexico and travelled through. Went to Cuba for a week, then I spent 6 weeks in Guatemala where I travelled a little and lived in Antigua and learnt some Spanish. After that I went to Honduras and travelled through the Islands. Ended up living in Utila for two months. After that I headed down South to Ecuador and to the Galapagos Islands for three weeks time. After that I went to Egypt to live and study Tech and Trimix for 2 and a half months time in Dahab. Right after that I went back to Mexico to live for three months, and from there I went to Iceland to spend time with family and friends for 8 days and then to DK. So all time favorite places from this trip, places that were breathtaking were in this order.

Galapagos Islands – the island Isabela

Guatemala – Semuc Champey

Mexico – Acapulco

Cuba – Havana 

Honduras – Utila

 USA – Grand Canyon

Finally, Egypt – Dahab, Blue Hole

These were the places that left some foot prints in my heart, Acapulco became such a favorite spot that I managed to visit it three times in one year and Mexico twice.

Other experiences, big ones. Of course there were things that happened on the trip that were both good and bad. Some of which is easy to put in words and others not. Good things and bad. There were some fears faced, challenges and people met. I learnt a lot, a lot of it is indescribable some of it not.

So challenges and fears that were faced, met.. 

Acapulco. Right in the beginning of my trip, I went on this glide flight thingy.. Got to be one of the birds for a day, awesome experience, will do again

Also did a swim from they’re beach, jumped from a cliff in the middle of the ocean, and got caught in a wave that I had a hard time getting out of.. But, so worth it.

While in Cancun, I also faced a fear of heights by jumping down a whole in the earth, down to a cave. There were some bats to watch out for on the way down, and im not a fan of them.

Semuc Champey.. here we did this crazy adventures trip

Where we went jumping off cliffs, bridges, waterfalls. Basically everything you could either throw yourself from or jump off. we did it.

Diving with sharks! Roatan, Honduras..

Now, that was a challenge, and facing fears.

Found out when I was down there, that I was not actually that scared of them, more the thought of seeing them.

Galapagos, facing school of sharks, all kinds and especially hammerheads

But found out that they, as well are actually not as scary as they seem on pictures.. They actually have this goofy kind of look and seem harmless.

Saw all these underwater creatures and found out, all that fear I had for them Was all in my head. It’s different when you actually see them, it’s more frightening to think about then to face.

Another big one I faced.

Went to Egypt, joined a Tech and Trimix team down there to learn Technical and Trimix diving.

Dived down to 101. meters.. Never thought in my wildest dreams I would ever have the courage, strength or will to do that!. Goes to show, Anything is possible.

So. I guess that’s it. For now.

I have hundreds of beautiful pictures from all over, a lot of new experiences, thoughts and ideas after this year away. New goals and a new way of seeing things. Who knows what I will be up to in a year or two, but one thing is for sure, I’ll be keeping this blog alive, every time I travel, I’ll write about it.

Two things that have been difficult since I came back home, one is going in on my blog. I miss the travel, the diving, the tropical scenery and all the people I’ve met so much that I’ve avoided going in here on purpose . Secondly, its my dive bag.. My dive gear and my books. I have it in sight every day, but don’t dare to skim through it, not yet, but soon im off to Iceland

Photos I took in Iceland last July.

Yep, going for 4 days only. Would love to have more time, but that’s it for now. I will be doing some diving in these four days.. Cant wait.

And in the end of September, I’ll be heading out to London! First time in England.. Should be interesting, so at least two blog posts from this young lady in September.

And to one last thought in the end. The most important thing.. Where your base is, is your  home or as they say home is where the heart is. Mine is with my family. Missed them while I was away, still do, they are all in Iceland. Cant wait to see them all and hug them, here is a good-bye picture of me and one of my brothers and sister

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5 Responses to Top 10 and whats up!

  1. This is a beautiful blog pretty lady! Add me on Skype! I’m sorry I never got to say good-bye and feel awful for it. But it was one of the greatest pleasures to meet you and get to know you!

  2. What a great year you’ve had! If you’re going to have some free time when in London let me know…

    • vedisfonn says:

      YES i would love to 🙂 lets meet up! ill be there the 28 th thursday to saturday night ( have a very early flight in the morning) You could send me your e mail and i’ll keep in touch.. Then you could show me London in an hour or two!!.. 😉 or just have a cup of coffee would be cool to.

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