The 3d of Juli i got into another country, this time around my favorite one, Iceland

Or as Led Zeppelin says it so well in they’re Immigrant song which is  about Iceland “We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow”

It was amazing when the plain flew over the country, i’ve really missed the nature, the summers at home are without a doubt the best. The sun is strong and it’s bright as day light at midnight. I had not told my mom, brother nor sister i was coming home, they all thought they were going to talk to me on skype at 8 o clock in the evening but instead i knocked on the door.. Almost gave my mom a heart attack and my sister looked so shocked, all worth it 🙂 I was at home only for 8 days. Wish i had, had more time but that was it this time around. I got to spend alot of time with my best friend that lives over there which was long due, and met family members shortly but got to hug all of them. And i went to the town i’m from, to visit my grandma. Does’nt feel like i’m home unless i visit her.

I took alot of pictures, but again, having problems with camera/computer so none of my photos are being posted now, it will have to come up another day. But i found this one, it looks alot like a typical Icelandic out on the country side view.

This is what i call nature, pure, strong, powerfull, clean nature.

I did’nt get to dive unfortunately.. It will have to be next time i’m home.

Now im in Copenhagen Denmark. yep, a month and a half earlier then i had expected originally, but then again i have’nt exactly been following my travel plans perfectly.

So thats my new plan, to stay here in the country i’ve lived in for the last 8 years for yet another few years to come, and  luckily enough i’ve been offered my old job back. Yep, going back to Street Cut on Falkoner, which i could’nt be more happy about. I’ve missed my old colleagues and customers. It feels good to be back after 11 months away. And therefore, for now, back to rutine and i will be doing small weekend trips in Europe which i will be writing about on this blog and posting some pictures, still providing, advices and travel guidance where i’ve been myself.

I’ve learnt so many things on this trip about myself, different cultures, about people, circumstances.. The list is endless and actually found out that i have a real passion for writing. i’ve really enjoyed making these posts on my blog, and while i’m writing about places i’ve been, at the same time getting more info then i would normally get through. So alot of changes have occurred and positive ones.

With these big news and words i’ll end this post for now. i will be writing another one soon about the highlights of myn year trip, things like what i liked best! biggest experience! scariest moment! up’s and down’s, a little “Best off” blog entry 😉

A goodbye pic of good old Copenhagen

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7 Responses to Changes!

  1. Well, you are full of surprises! Their faces when you showed up must have been so funny.

    Your blog will always be like a memory book of your travels. I think mine may come to a natural end once I get through posting my latest Iceland photos, or maybe like yours it just goes in a different direction. I haven’t been to Copenhagen but imagine it to be really pretty in the winter.

  2. Anna says:

    Welcome back! Come and see us soon:)

  3. Danielle Serafim says:

    I’m sooo happy you are back? When do you start? Want to come to see you!
    Big hugs, Danielle

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