Rainy season.

Writing from Cuernavaca Mexico, where it has been raining 24/7 due to “rainy season” and all i have been wishing for lately is sun. Guess i should be thankful for having dodged winter for a whole year, coming from a country where we have winter almost nine months a year, this has been  GREAT ten months so far.

did a little sightseeing in Cuernavca today, normally i try not to do the typical tourist things, and i’m not a fan of museums.. At all, but i went to this “travel museum” . This museum is basically museum owned by a famous deceased artist named Robert Brady.

So, this artist died in the 80’s, he was a painter and what he loved to do was travel. He traveled all over the world and all the things he has in his house, he bought and took home with him from his travels.

Just take a look at this bathroom.. Art all over the place, anywhere you look. It was a eye candy to look around in this house.

And the kitchen.. Well, looks a little like Mexican kitchens look like still to this day.

so i walked around the whole house, beautiful architecture and art everywhere you looked and my number one favorite piece in the whole house.. What made this whole trip to the museum worth while, ws this piece, this original Frida Kahlo Self portrait.. Amazing

That was just big.. To see one of her originals. But the whole house was amazing, Robert Brady was an true artist, his house reflects that clearly.

And a happy picture of Iker in the museum

So no regrets going to this museum to take a look around.

After that we headed out to the Borda garden, which the emperor Maximiliano owned in the 17 th century. The garden.. what can i say, i have seen alot of gardens, this one had historical value, that was about it.


Other then that, not so much up.. Other then i’ve changed my travel plans once again.. “surprise, surprise”  but more about that later, soon i’ll be heading off from beautiful Mexico, to my parents relief. Somehow because Mexico is alot in the news when it comes to drug wars, and kidnapping this is the most dangerous place in the world.. Which it is NOT!.. 🙂 but parents.. What can you do!

off for now, leaving you guys with random pics i took today of colorful houses and streets in Cuernavaca.

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2 Responses to Rainy season.

  1. Beautiful museum! I look forward to hearing where you’re off to next. Mexican food is having a bit of a revival here in the UK as there is a chef who has made a couple of tv programmes about it…anyway, I have a new Mexican cookbook and enjoying making some of the recipes, although they are all way too fattening too eat as much as I want! There was a really nice one I made of chocolate, banana and pecan “bread” which was really more of a cake and it comes under the “breakfast” section in the book – wish I really could have that for breakfast every day.

  2. vedisfonn says:

    Mexican food IS fattening.. Be aware 😉 but its good.
    I’ll write soon about where im heading off to as im leaving Mexio soon.. 😉

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