I travel, therefore i AM!!!

Been thinking lately alot about travelers, such as me. What makes people just pick up they´re things and go. Leave they´re secure basis,existence, secure lives and just do it!

What makes people resign their jobs, pack away their things or sell them and buy a ticket to travel around the world for months, or a year. Who are the ones who make these decisions! what are those people made of! What makes them just take the leap!!

I have written here earlier about being a dreamer, a go – doer. People in DK were saying things to me like ” being brave to do it, go alone out in the world to travel. Leave everything for a year” My response.. Either its brave, or stupidity.. We´ll find out.

The thing is, although i have never done a whole year travel like this before, i have done something similar to this.

When i was 24 years old i was living in Iceland. It was in a  November month, and a friend of mine invited me over to Denmark for new years eve. It was supposed to be two friends hanging out having fun for a week and then back home. I had been trying to end a relationship for months but we kept circling around each other treating each other bad and i was working three different jobs at the same time, trying to get ends to meet. I was up over my head in debts, unhappy and felt like my life was. Well, best described as “Shit just kept raining down on me” no matter how i tried to get out of it. And there were few things i tried ,stay positive, meditate.. Believe me when i say, if its out there, self help in any kind of way! i have tried it all.. Nothing was really going my way.

Then, it hit me! i had a plain ticket to Denmark! I had one very dear friend of mine living in Denmark at that time, i knew nobody else over there. My whole family and friends my life was in Iceland. Everything i knew was in Iceland my whole way of being, existing all there, on this small Island. Now, Denmark is not far away, and has been a popular destination for Icelanders for years but for me it was a whole new beginning. So, in the beginning of December, i resigned my job, packed my stuff in boxes sold the rest and off i went with a telephone number at a hair salon, and a room my friend had got for me for the next three months, waiting for me in DK. No job! no stuff! i had literally no money, i had enough to last me for about a month in food and bus fare. I did´nt speak the language, it was just me, a girl from the countryside carrying a suitcase and alot of excitement and fear. I figured, well if everything goes wrong at least i have a room for three months.. And i could call the bank at home and ask them to save my ass by loaning me money for a ticket back home.

I phoned the owner of that hair salon when i had been in DK for three days. I spoke English to the owner and told him that i was looking for a job. He invited me to meet with him the day after and we could see how well i would do for a weeks time or so at the Hair salon. 5 days later i had a steady regular job, and i stayed in DK until i went on my travels September last year or for about 9 years with the same company as well.

Normally, i would be first in line protesting when people “run away” like that, i would say, you´re taking you´re troubles with you, but in this case, my case it was the best thing that ever could have happened to me. This was not my intention when i left Iceland, i did not know that i would end up living in DK. I hought to myself, i would stick around for awhile.. But “awhile” became 9 years.

And the same thing happened when i decided to leave for my travels this time around. I got scared… I had the money, but i also had “the job” the staedy life, the perfect appartment. Even had the whole damn thing furnitured from this expensive fancy store in DK. The perfect job, a steady big group of clientele. I had “everything” and therefore i felt, just by thinking about leaving all of this, was irresponsible, childish Whisful, foolish thinking.

I got over that quickly. Every time i have been on cross roads in my life, i have always thought about this.

What did i want to do when i was a kid, what were my dreams!

So i guess the differences in us who do those things, and in the others who dont, or dream half of their lives of doing something like this is.. Will! You have to want it. How badly do you want it, because if you want it bad enough, you c´ant do anything else then succeed.

Apart from all that, i´ve figured out ALOT of things about myself during those 10 months i´ve traveled so far. I am, without a doubt a brave girl. I never thought i was, but i guess i just did´nt know. The world is SO big, there is so much to explore! how can you ever get tierd of that!! I cant.. Dont think i ever will.  “To travel, is to live” a famous quote made by the Dane, Hans Christian Andersen. And as much as i love diving, breathing underwater, I love “Breathing the world” a quote that decorates my blog, made by my dear friend Merete Norgaard 🙂

Still in Mexico Cuernavaca. Soon i will have a new country to write about as i am off to Panama the 1. of July. Cant wait, and cant wait to get in the water and do some dives .

Remember the picture i took and posted here in May month, of a Mexican girl sitting, looking sad in a colorfull dress!. Her birthday was the other day. I wanted to give her something special so me and Iker played with that photo and here is the outcome.

Dont grow up too fast out there, enoy life while you can!

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4 Responses to I travel, therefore i AM!!!

  1. I’m lucky enough to have travelled to pretty much everywhere that I can think of that I would have really wanted to go to. My childhood dreams didn’t really realistically involve travel. I loved reading about other cultures and people but I came from a place where no one really travelled much and it wouldn’t have occurred to me that I would really get to go lots of places, sometimes for work and sometimes just because I had enough money to and just wanted to. As much as I love travelling now I also like having the security of home (again something I didn’t really have growing up). Plus I can’t leave my cats for too long. 🙂

  2. vedisfonn says:

    Some people just dont love traveling in that amount, that they would do everything for i.. 🙂 And thats good to, we all have to have a different views and oppinions. I have this friend, she couldnt care less if she ever traveled or not.. Home is where your heart is, and she has made her own home, with her family. I too come from a very unstable childhood, we mooved to many times for me to remember, and being a daughter from teenage pregnancy, pretty much says alot 🙂 security!! came when i was older. But, its so interesting to see what people go and dream of, and what they want in life 🙂
    Plus, you have babys(cats) .. They need you… 😉

  3. Anna says:

    After our tripp I love coming home, say hallo to all the dear ones, check out my home and the city.. Im so happy its summer and not yet to depressing being here;) Love to follow you on youre adventures and I must say that the little “travel nerv” starts itching! Hope to be on the road soon again & who knows, maybe we meet up in another part of the world soon again:) Knuser

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