Upwards and onwards, my next step

What am i up to these days! Im starting up my own independent mobile hair salon. Yep, it is going to be one of those “on the road” salons. I´ve found out throughout my travels as soon as people find out that i´m a hairdresser, and a European one on top of that,  they want  me to do their hair. So i figured, i´ll make some cards, open a website and do my own thing while im traveling and right now im in Cuernavaca Mexico, so its easier to get some work while im at the same place for awhile. Who knows, this might turn into something bigger with time.

And thats the front side of my card . What do you think ? I thought the name Utopia Hair was cool to, because of the meaning of the word Utopia.

The word has different meanings, but basicly it means a world, a world you yourself create. A good place, magic place and for me its meaning is perfect as i love traveling and am trying to get my work and life to fit into that frame. The perfect world. Being able to travel and work and mix the whole thing together, but at the same time im open for new opportunities and have right now also, other plans in progress for work. But more about that when the time is right .

And then there is my “next step”.

I´ve decided to go to Panama. A little Island called Bocas del Toro in Panama. We will be going in the middle of or late June, dates are not settled yet but it will be in June.

The plan is to join a school of underwater videography and do a PADI course with them that takes around two weeks, but we will probably hang around there for about five weeks and do alot of diving and videography.

Yep, thats my new plan. Time to go and do some more traveling, i feel like ive been at the same place far too long now. I really dont know alot about the Island. What i read about it and see on the internet, it is very similar to Utila just cheaper to stay in Panama than Utila so thats an upside. Here is another picture of apart of this beautiful small Island

Im not expecting anything special there other than great diving and learning something new. I have never been into videgraphy its Iker´s thing, but this opportunity came to us and  we´re both in the position to go and do it, so it was an easy decision to make. Plus everything, all courses from PADI helps when you want to work with diving and that will be one of my future steps and dreams, mixing the dive into my life as work. preferable Trimix dives 🙂

The underwater videography center we wil be joining is this cool center named NeverDry.. How cool is that for a name of a underwater center. Googled pictures of the center found none, so you´ll get this computer screen one from their website

That was my next step news. Im looking forward to exploring Panama, and see what decisions i will be making over there where my travels will take me. Funny how i seem to be “stuck” in North and Central America when my original plan was to “travel through” some countrys here, not end up using almost an year in staying around here.
But im happy with how things turned out, loving the sun 24/7. The heat, the different cultures, people, places, belief systems, different opinions different way of living and seeing things. Guess this whole traveling business has changed me a little bit huh! 😉 At least in some ways.

Thats it for news of me for now, a goodbye pic of me and one of three dogs that live here, The big carecter dog, Taos 🙂



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6 Responses to Upwards and onwards, my next step

  1. Anna says:

    What a lovely plan! Good Luck:)

  2. Jon says:

    The adventure continues. Now you can publish a travel guide and call it Utopia and make enough to continue to the next place. It’s a good thing you are writing all this down!

  3. Exciting! And maybe you can make some money too with the hair. And I agree about the book!

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