The world is my playground!

Just came back from a four days trip to Acapulco. Proud to say that in one year i have been three times to that magic place. I love the beach, the dive over there, the heat and the sun.

Yep, thats what i did on this trip, licked the sun and did some diving and boy!! have i missed diving. This is becoming a condition in my life, or more like a lifestyle. I just have to be in the water.

It was great to do some dives over there, there is alot of life in the waters in Acapulco.. Although, i would have wanted to to Trimix dives instead. i miss it.. ALOT!. The down side about being into Trimix is the costs. You have to be a millionaire to be able to afford it.




I found this really cool old hotel, in the old part of Acapulco. It had the greatest view over whole Acapulco.. Beautiful, take a look.

How cool is that for a view!

 So, the world is my playground!

Im still in Mexico. The plan was to be here for a short time, then to Utila to do my IDC, but looks like i wont be going there, change of plans, once again. Also with my job situation in Denmark, as it has changed my whole plans are changing with it. Now, there is no pressure of going back, not right away at least, and i am considering and looking at my options. The only thing that stops me from going wherever or doing whatever are finances.

But, im a resourceful girl and lady luck is with me.. 😉 positive thinking is the way to go. I really dont know my next step, i have been dragging it to go back home to Iceland and Denmark. Im not over the whole travelling business yet, there are so many places i want to see, stop and explore. So many places i want to live at for months, a year so therfore my thinking is in these lines, the world is my playground. One door closes, other door opens up! thats the way it is.

I am also a strong believer of that, you can make your dreams come true!



In June month last year, i was working in Denmark, like i have been doing for the last eight years. I had a good sum of money from my accident, lying on my bank account and my biggest fear was to touch that money! to use it. I was not very content nor happy with where i was in my life, not completely content at all. I felt like i needed to be challenged and that i was just cruising the same boring direction in life. You know, the safe one. The same every day, same faces, same situations but different. The every day same, same.

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something different. My dream was to travel, i love travelling always have, since i was a kid. And im the type of girl that has planned my next travel when im on the first one. But i felt like i had too many responsibilitys, too many anchors around my legs.

Im lucky to have people, friends in my life that are there when i need them, that help me when in need. I have a very dear friend in Denmark called Merete. She knew the dilemma i was going through with myself and what i was dreaming about doing but did´nt dare to do. Im so greatful for that evening in June month, where i had her to talk to, and her support. I made up my mind that night, i would go on my travels, and i would face challenges, people and circumstances i probably have never been in before. And i would embrace it, i would suck the life out of every experience. I would say yes to every challange, i would face my fears and do what i dreamt of doing, let nothing stop me.

Yep, im one of these peoples out there, i make all my silly day dreaming dreams become reality!  I get ideas and  i day dream ALOT! but the difference in me and alot of other people is, that i make my day dreams and dreams come true. I seek out all  possibilities, realistic and non realistic, think about things for awhile and then i work for them, no matter how silly, childish or unrealistic it might seem to others. Thats what i have been doing for years, and it has gotten me this far. Im not the most serious person out there, and i think that helps too, i try not to over think things, i just go for them. Life is too short and like Mark Twain said so well, its not the things i have done in life that i will regret from twenty years from now, its the things i have not done. Explore, dream, discover. I guess what im saying is go for it! No matter how scary it is, if your thinking about doing something all the time, but you dont do it.. Just do it, or make it happen. At least you´ll be happy with that you tried 😉

I dont know what my next step will be, im still thinking about it :)….  I wish you all happy day dreaming and may all your goals and dreams come true. Adios for now from a normie that went loco down in Acapulco 😉


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  1. says:

    Þú ert winner gamla, kemur bara eitthvað gott út úr þessum vinnumissi. Stærsta ferðalagið er alltaf innanfrá og það virðist sem þér gangi jafnvel enn betur þar heldur en í hoppinu um heiminn.

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