Ascended from the dead!

Long time no writing on my blog.

The explanation is simple. i have been unlucky enough to be sick! sick as a dog. After my whole shoulder incident, that developed in me getting a shot in there to get it back in place, and i thought this whole relax and do nothing business was over. Well.. Was i wrong.

The day before my birthday i wake up with red and purple looking rashes all over my body, and i did not feel well. So i went to the doctors.. Again! i need not to tell you here, they are starting to get to know my face at that hospital, im like a regular there now. The doctor checked me out and was quick to diagnose me. Poisoning!. I have had food poisoning before, that was a field trip comparing to this!

So i was sent home with different kind of meds, and today is the first day since i got sick, that i was able to take a walk and just stand up right for awhile, without feeling weak, tired or dizzy. So a happy day for me, but this explains the quietness of my blog! there has been nothing to write about. Except for whats happening in Mexican tv.

I was lucky enough to get to Mexico city right before i got sick. Only a day trip to go shopping and to go to a theme park.

I had a blast, tried all the roller coasters and rides they had, i bet you im one of very few persons that go in these parks and come out of them with one less toe nails and a big bruce on my forehead.. Yes, im “that”  lucky girl. And i paid extra for getting bashed up like that.. It was kind of funny, we went to this vampire ghost house and it all happened in there. Me laughing, kicking stuff ( by accident) and hugging the walls ( the bruces)..

Had a birthday the 8 th of Mai, the sun was shining so not all that bad. The whole family here made me a cake and sang for me in spanish the birthday song. And i got two of those

You got it, Piniada´s 🙂 So Mexican, and i have only seen them on tv or in moveis, so this was kind of cool to have my own.. two, piniadas.

These are pictures of Ingrid and Astrid, beating the Piniadas for candy. Its actually a very cool tradition, the Piniada represents your capital sins , by beating the Piniada you are beating the sins out from your life, in reward you get candy and a clean slate.. 😉 Not too bad! And this one of Asti, i thought it was very capturing of the moment

A beautiful girl, a great picture.

So another BIG thing has happened. Another shockwave to add on the little luck that has been following me lately.  Spoke to the owners of Street Cut, my working place in Copenhagen for the last 8 and half years the other day, got this great news from them on my birthday, that my space at the company had been rented out, and was no longer available for me on my return, as we had talked about it would be in September. As i am independent and have no contracts with this company i have spent so many years with, there is very little i can do.

So i was shocked, and devastated, i always thought i would return, and went on my travels in that good believe that i would return to my old spot, so did all my coworkers. Somehow in my mind, the company, coworkers and the owners have become like a family to me, that kind of happens when you spent every day except for sundays there and you are there 8 to 10 hours a day. Also i arriwed in Copenhagen when i was 24 years old and went working for them straight away, i learnt my Danish there and have gotten to know alot of people through my work.

But it doesnt seem to matter how many years, hours or hard work you put in a place, money always comes first, and i’ve been away, which means one less rent coming in from a worker to the owners. So,  now all the saloons are filled with hairdressers, too many at some of them which makes working enviroment difficult. So of course there is no space for more people there.

I will admit that i went through the whole scale with feelings, hurt, angry resentful, scared. But lying here the last couple of weeks sick, had nothing to do then think made me realise all of a sudden a strange thing. This might just be a push in another directtion, the right direction. So many things are open now, my life is an  unwritten book! every page, the future is blank… No plans, obligations.. Its strange, scary, weird and exciting at the same time. Except for finances, im free as a bird! 🙂

So i have decided to come back to Copenhagen, i dont know exactly what my next step will be, but i will be working as a hairdresser, for all my customers that have been so loyal and are waiting for me, i will be back, even sooner then September. But i will definitely be back to Copenhagen to work 🙂

That was my news, these have been hard last few weeks, and i’ve gone up and down emotionally, because of this sickness business and bad news, but im a positive person, and i refuse to make this affect me anymore in a negative way. All changes are scary, good or bad. But it might just be the best thing that can happen to me,  so off for now. Buenas noches people, Good bye from Ingrid and Védís 🙂

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4 Responses to Ascended from the dead!

  1. Jon says:

    Onward and upward! That third picture is excellent! It should be part of your portfolio.

  2. Welcome back and Happy Birthday old lady! I think the thing with your job could be good – it means you can go anywhere now and even do something different like diving if you wanted without letting them down. I would see it as an opportunity. I bet it would be have weird to go back to your exact same old life after all the travelling. But I can understand how you would be disappointed to get such news while you’re away. I’ve been enjoying getting glimpses of Copenhagen since watching Broen.

    • vedisfonn says:

      Well thank you dear 🙂
      Yes, all news good are bad can be hard to digest, when it comes to big changes like that, but ive decided to look at this as a positive thing, and an oppertunity to do something compleatly different. If i can dive for living, it wouldnt be all bad.. 😉 lets see.. i still have loose ends in Copenhagen i have to take care of.
      openhagen is nice, but i would go in the summertime to check it out.. August

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