Caves, Italian Taxco and x-ray….

Two days ago we went on a trip to another state that’s called Guerrero where we visited the Cacahuamilpa caves here in Mexico. They are one of the tallest and widest caves in America but only two procent of these caves have been explored.

It was a two kilometers walk we did in this cave, not that far of a walk at all. We followed a group that had a guide but we quickly left that group and went hiking on our own, the guide had no important info’s to share he was far too busy pointing out pictures he could make out of shadows and rocks!

But there were pretty cool stones down there, that looked glittery and diamond like because of salt and minerals that are in them, take a look.

That was about it for the caves. It took two hours with a non stop speaking nonsense guide to walk, and we were more than 180 meters underground. how cool is that ! and of course, all i could think about was how it would be to dive to those depths.

After the caves we went to a town in the mountains called Taxco and what an amazing town. It’s beautiful. Everything is built up in the mountains, endless stairs ( good leg workout to live there ) and Italian looking senery. Everything looks white all the buildings ( mostly all ) because by law, they are trying to preserve the colonial architecture of the town therfore everything is supposed to be painted white.

The town is also known for they’re silver because it’s one of the purest silver in the world. There are no minerals in it, it comes from the mines in the town and there are alot of workshops that work with the metal. There are alot of silver stores where you can get custom made silver, if you want, and the prices are ridiculously good.

I love streets like that where everything is filled with flowers on the houses, old looking streets and lights. Like going back in time.

But there is also poverty there. This is a turistic town, and the locals relay on selling to turists silver or selling to them by having restaurants and hotels. So when you leave down town Taxco and go further up torwards the mountaims, you see this. A little more realistic picture of how life is for locals.

But you can find that every where in Latin America anyways.

Taxco is also well known for they’re church which is called Santa prisca . Inside the church, the altars are made out of pure gold. When we walked in, there was a catholic service in Latin language. pretty  impressive. I’ve never heard Latin spoken so fluently.

Beautiful senery everywhere we looked.

There was this statue that is on a top of a mountain, looking down to the town. The statue is supposed to represent christ ( a little like Rio de janeiro in Brasil) but still very far from it  🙂

Taxco is a very religious town

So up we went, we walked for about good three hours to get up there, but so worth it, and i loved the view all the way up there.

And one of iker climbing the stairs

This place was like a mix of Italy, Cuba and Prague. I was thinking Prague because of the church, otherwise not much alike with Taxco and Prague.

When we got to the top this is what we saw .


So, we decided we are going back to this town very soon again not a far drive from Cuernavaca only about 45 minutes, so easy to access at any time.

Another thing this town is known for is The silence walk. The Silence walk is held once a year on holy friday which is the first friday of easter. They do this walk during night, all lights in the town are turned off and some of the participants in the walk wear hoods, some of them carry big crosses, others carry big candles and other ones heavy rose woods with spines on they’re backs and with chains locked to they’re ankles and bare feet, all in the name of they’re faith or relegion. And all this is done in total silence all you can hear is chains getting dragged after the streets and this is why the walk is called The silent walk. Here are some statues down town of how it looks in the walk.

Very intresting and a little creepy..

And a picture of two happy faces here

So only happy comments about the town Taxco, i loved it and the long up hill walks, beautiful views and everything this town has to offer.

And to another completely different subject. You’rs truly managed to injure her left shoulder last year, during training. Went to a doctor and a kiropraktor that told me it would go away with time, not long time.  Almost a year later and very painful last six weeks with that shoulder, i finally went to see a doctor here in Mexico, and got this very cool x-ray of my shoulder 😉

How cool is that! i’ve never had that done on me where i had been allowed to take the x ray home with me.

Anyways, bones are strong and normal but i seem to have a chronical tendons inflamation going on with my biceps and my tendon is rubbing against the muscle which causes this pain. So, was sent home with medicine and a sling, and told to absolutely not wheight train for 7 days!!!…  that’s the hard part but i’ll see the doc next week and if things are not better he will give me a shot in there. So crossing my fingers and following orders, that’s what you get when you’re too stubborn to see a doctor right away, but happy to find out that this is something that can probably be fixed.

Off to a waterpark tomorrow, here in sunny Mexico. Adios amigos

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4 Responses to Caves, Italian Taxco and x-ray….

  1. Some great photos here! You will have to get some of your photos on the walls when you get some walls again. The cave photos remind me of the Yagodina caves in Bulgaria. I also like the cat sleeping so heavy out in public. 🙂
    I like your X-ray! I want one too. You are going to be like me now, grumpy because you have to rest for a while. All I can say is try to enjoy your time without training and fill it with other things instead.
    Buenas noches chica

  2. jaguarod says:

    Just scrolled in your post to see if I could see photos of you and Iker together what a nice couple you are, take care and safe travels Vedis! And Iker!!

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