Mexican prehispanic path.

Greetings from Mexico, Cuernavaca. Been here for a week and finally i sit down and give myself time to write, i’ve been busy sightseeing and just enjoying being here. Miss the diving terribly, but Mexico is such a beautiful country, there is always something to see and explore.

So we did this trip to a town called Tepoztlan. It’s in Central Mexico, Morelos . It’s known for it’s Pyramid and strong energy and.. hold tight.. UFO’s.. Yep.. People come from all over to experience the “energy” from that place.

I know, this is not the best picture quality out there.. The little dot on the top of that mountain is “the pyramid”.

I went on this hike with Iker, his brother Ruben, wife Arora, and they’re two kids Ingrid and Astrid . Ingrid which is only 7 years old, was brave enough to, literally climb a fairly steep mountain. Have so much respect for that little super girl 😉

So instead of climbing 2 kilometers of stairs to get up to this Pyramid, me, Ingrid and Ruben climbed up there, got a good view over the pyramid, from distance and the town Tepoztlan and walked the mountain side to get on top of that Pyramid.

And here is a picture that was taken on the way up

And a picture of the “famous” pyramid

And so we arriwed,on the top of that Pyramid, with a beautiful view over Tepoztlan. After that we started heading down those stairs.. Hundreds and hundreds of steps. And miss Astrid got royal treatment, as she is only 3 years old, and was quite tiered from all the commotion, her dad and Iker let her sit on they’re shoulders the hole trip through 😉 here is she and Iker

And another picture from downtown Tepoztlan

And we did the tipical thing you’re supposed to do when in Tepoztlan, we went on a tipical Mexican restaurant, that was in all rainbows colors ( love that about Mexico, they’re not afraid of colors) and got a mexican dish called cecina, which is salt beef and salat with it, which was mainly Kaktus!! and believe me, if you have’nt tried Kaktus yet, you better get on board, it’s amazing.

We did a little sight seeing down town, saw the church they have which is called Ex Convento, and we saw this gate made of seeds.

This gate represents the story of the town, it’s religious.

The topic is always religious and they change the picture made of seeds every year out.

And of course this trip to this lovely town ended with buying they’re most known product, ice cream made out of water, a healthy choise i might add 😉 and this family picture of Iker’s brother Ruben says it all

A perfect ending on a good trip to this town.

two days later we made another trip to a town called Teotiuhacan, they are famous for they’re pyramids, and it was the biggest city of the aztecs.

It was the promise land for the aztecs in the prehispanic time. Nobody knows who actually built it. When the aztecs arriwed there, the ruins were already there, tha’ts why they call it Teotiuhacan, which means Land of the Greats. And here are few pictures from there

After the pyramids, we headed down to Mexico city, to a famous church called La villa where they have a miracle image of the virgin Guadalupe. The big miracle around this painting is that nobody really painted it, it has been alot of scientific research about it, and there is really no proof of that somebody actally painted it, thats why this painting is very important in Catholic churches around the world, and it is second most visited temple after the Vatican., here is a picture of the painting

And by the church you find the mountain and the garden of the Tepeyac where the miracle, or the image appeared. Its actually a beautiful garden.

Other than that, i made a trip today, to a beautiful town called Taxco, but i will write about that later, and put in some pictures.. Absolutely a breathtaking place.

A good bye pic from the traveller plus the latino 😉

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4 Responses to Mexican prehispanic path.

  1. Helga María says:

    Gott að heyra í þér vinkona 🙂 Var farin að undrast um þig. Æðislegar myndir frá Mexico, skemmtilegra en eyðimörkin get ég trúað 🙂 Knús á þig vinkona!

  2. Yay! Love it all. You look so happy. Enjoy being a tourist and everything else. (does he read your blog?:))

  3. vedisfonn says:

    I am, very happy to be back in Mexico.. Love it here 😉 .
    Yes, he reads it 😉 hes to “shy” to comment.. 😉

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