80 meters and drastic change of plans.

Yes, did a 80 meter dive today, down the great Blue hole here in Dahab. Went down with my teacher Aron and i had Jonas, Nene and Mel as support divers. What a trip, what a dive. Words cant really describe how it made me feel and how i feel now, but i can tell you this, it beats any drug of any kind, any day 😉

Yet another picture of my tanks, love these kind of pics

After my last dive to 65 meters, i started planning and training for the 80 meters and it felt strange to finally be on my way for this one. And all these support divers with extra tanks.. All for my dive! Of course we were two who went down to 80, me and my teacher Aron, here is a picture of us

And then Jonas was waiting for us at 50 meters, and Nene was at 30 meters, wearing extra tanks and being there for us if we needed, and on the surface was Mel, ready to assist us.

I’ve dived through the Arch in the Blue hole before, but it was at the top of it, but now i saw it from 30 meters deeper then i’ve seen it before, at 80 and wow!! What a sight, like an entrance, huge gate, liquid church kind of gate. It’s an amazing sight, and an extraordinary experience.  We did’nt spend much time down there, few minutes, then we had to go up and do our deco stops.

Thats me to the right, and Aron to the left on our way up.

everything went rather smooth, i had a minor hiccup on my first deco stop at 51 meters, my hose from one of my deco tanks begun to free flow non stop, not the regulator itself, but the hose. But Jonas was there with all the extra tanks and handed me a new one. It just goes to show how important it really is to have a support on dives like this, i would’nt want to do it without extra safety and support divers. But a calm, nice dive and when we came to surface, it was celebrated with hugs and laughs. Mel who is such a good photographer, took this cool picture of me and my instructor Aron when we came up from 80 meters.

Such a good shot. She captured this moment completley, and as i still have no camera, i got almost all of the photos here from her, life saver .

I was lucky to have such a good team to take care of me, and i’ve been lucky enough to have the best instructors by my side to coatch me, support and help. They’ve been damn tuff to me at times, but they’ve also molded me into the Tec and Trimix diver i am now. Im not perfect, not even close to it, but im always aiming for getting better, every day and i’ve been training trim, backicks and Tec and Trimix dives for 2 months straight now. Gotten to know the dive site Lighthouse, far too well.. But all worth it. So worth it, and you could say i was a trimix product of Team Blue immersion, Dahab Technical Divers 😉 Thank you boys, You are Amazing teachers i’ve deep respect for you all.

From the right, Jonas one of my instructors, Nene, me and Aron also one of my instructors.

So this is the happy face that came out of the Blue hole today.. Take a look

Yes, happy and in a state of bliss 😉

So my next step is the big 100 dive, and then i will say stop for awhile.. well not stop as in not diving or trimix diving, just not going to run after beating any records any time soon. I think this is good for now, going from doing my open water diver in November to Trimix in April and will therefore just practise and train more,aim to get better, there is always room for that and then i will see what my new goals will be like. But definitely i will have one leg here in Dahab with the boys at Dahab Technical, im addicted to this place now, so i see myself here alot in the future.

But to my “drastic change of plans”, i have decided not to go to Iceland this summer and work, and not to stay there for the whole summer, not to stay in Egypt till the end of Mai. Although i love the diving, and the people i’ve gotten to know. I have decided to go to Mexico the 12 th of April.. 🙂  Yes, thats my plan. im going to stay there until the end of April and then we will be going back to Utila to dive and get some more recreational dive experience, and there i will be doing my IDC. I say we, because my main attraction for this whole change of plans, is this very special “human” i left  back there in February..

Yes it’s the oldest cliché in the book, “im following my heart”. But that’s exactly what im doing. It might not be the most rational thing, or responsible, but i have the chance and the opportunity, and you never know unless you try. After all, this is my life and im the one who makes my decisions and have to live with them, and i am at peace with, once again, changing my plans . Im looking forward to seeing this fellow again, and spending some months together in a country that either one of us comes from and both doing what we love, diving.

This decision also came fairly easy to me, i had been thinking since i left South America, that i was’nt ready to leave,plus things happened in my own country that made this all so much easier to decide. It was like being constantly hit in the head with “signs” saying that i should not go home for the whole summer.

But still aiming for going home to Iceland for a visit in the end of August, and then back to DK in the beginning of September, like planned.

So once again, a big leap for Miss V 🙂 im so all or nothing person. Such an extremist

Im empty for news for now, so tierd after my dive, i will sign off for now, following is a picture of a handshake, me and Jonas reday to do a dive 😉 Good night out there


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10 Responses to 80 meters and drastic change of plans.

  1. Helga Dóra says:

    Krúttið þitt… hefði verið gaman að fá þig heim í sumar en gaman samt að halda áfram að ævintýrast, ég fer á eitthvað flakk í byrjun september og langaði til að heimsækja þig til Danmerkur 😉

  2. vedisfonn says:

    Helga Dóran mín, Komdu bara fagnandi tegar tar ad kemur, ég verd í DK í Sept 😉

  3. Good girl 🙂 im proud of you and glad you are doing what you love and enjoy 🙂 keep it up and dive safe 🙂

  4. I would lie if I told you that your chance of plans is a surprise to me 🙂 We are all our own architects of our lives and we have to follow our hearts and feelings. Go for it sweet Vedis…you deserve it…love is a precious thing 🙂 Tak care of yourself af enjoy life. Time flies soo fast and Carpe Diem 🙂

    • vedisfonn says:

      🙂 Im like an open book Lis, so easy to read to people who know me 😉 and Carpe diem is one of my favorite quates.
      Thank you for your kind words Lis, and see you in DK in September 😉

  5. Congratulations and well done for your 80 meters. You are brave. Your change of travels sounds exciting. Can’t wait to read more as it happens. I won’t look out for you when I am in Iceland then. 🙂

  6. jaguarod says:

    Go for it!!!!! You inspire me Vedis!

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