Goal set.

Long time since my last entry. I know, i’ve felt like it has been a little pointless blogging lately, what started out as a travel blog has turned into a dive blog .. which is’nt bad at all, just not everybody that likes to read about that, but tomorrow i will be making my second trip to Ras Muhammed so there will be pictures and an blog entry about that little trip. I will be doing two dives there, both with one tank!!! One.. Not my twin set, but one! I am getting snobbish about that now 😉 i have not dived with only one tank since Galapagos, so that will be interesting to try out. i wonder if i automatically will try to go into trim right away, as you do when you dive with twins.

So for the last two weeks the boys down at my dive center, Dahab Technical Divers, have been sending me to do practise dives and skills in shallow waters… For hours, and i have been patience about it.. Until the day before yesterday where i told one of my teachers that i was getting sick of that same dive site and all these practices and skills..I feel like i know every rock down there and have given them all names… Goes to show how much i’ve  been practising trim and back kicks down there. I did not get the reaction i thought i would get. I thought i would get some “extra” time down there for complaining, but they told me i was ready for going down to 65 meters 😉 So yesterday me, Aron and Canny sat down and planned our 65 meters dive.

This is me, my teacher Aron and one of my training buddies, Nori

So today we did our big 65 meters dive.. It was an amazing feeling. Such an unbelievable feeling. I was stressing a little bit before the dive, if i had remembered everything, ( i had double, triple checked everything) and checking all my gauges, valves, timers, my gear, my mixes.. The whole 9 yards. But still i felt like i had to check again. Some paranoia is allowed in trimix, but this was getting ridiculous, even to my own standards, and then as soon as we were down to about 10 meters, i was stress fri, excited and happy about the whole dive and the experience, i knew everything was working as it should,  there was nothing unusual, so therfore no worries. i was alert, but not paranoid and stayed calm.

As soon as we were down at our depth, i noticed that all of our timers said 64.1, Meters so i was’nt happy until we went down to 65. Then i was happy, my teacher still thinks that’s funny that it mattered so much to me, but i know nothing worse than set your goal for 65 and then you come up with a timer saying 64.8!! 😉 no, we will do it right from the beginning.. 😉

So these were my tanks, travel gases and deco bottles i took down with me.

My next deep dive should be around 80 meters. im looking forward to it, and im not leaving until i get down to 100.. Hopefully , and in the Blue Hole 🙂

Im in love with the Trimix and Tec. I think it’s so much more me than recreational diving ever has been. i like seeing Dolphins, Sharks, Turtles, i like to look at ocean life, but with Trimix it’s different. You are not exactly going to those depths in the purpose of looking at ocean life, well, depending on how deep you are going of course, and there are always the wrecks to look at and explore. For me it’s all about the planning, the gear, the mixes of gases, theory, the excitement, the goal set.

I was talking about this with a friend who dives, we agreed on that it’s also all about having respect and patience and that you have practiced..ALOT!. so, im well on my way to reach my goal, steady and calm. I also told him, if i was blind and i got into this, i would still do this. For me this is so not about all that you see, it’s something compleatly different and hard to explain. Being surrounded by the water, knowing that you are going to depths and doing dives that not everybody do, having planned it yourself, and with a buddy or a dive team. the whole thing is indescribable. And you are entereing a whole new world of travelling, exploring. The underwater world.

Enough about diving for now, allthough im having real difficulties talking about anything else these days.. im obsessed.It’s like when people fall in love or have kids, they often have hard times talking about anything else.  This has captured me and taken all of my money.. 🙂 This is like a real addiction.. People, be aware. This takes all, but then again, gives alot too 🙂

So tomorrow or the day after, i will have a new blog entry, that will be all about Ras Muhammed and travelling. Plus i might have some news about my travels then. It seemes like i might be “changing my plans” yet again.. 😉 Good night people

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2 Responses to Goal set.

  1. Ville Harju says:

    Your blog is so awesome to read! As a recreational novice diver i’m so happy that your 65 went well and it’s cool read how happy and enthusiastic you are about tec. After reading your posts i’m starting to understand the swap between around-the-world to serious diving. 🙂
    Wish you all the best!

  2. vedisfonn says:

    Hej Ville 🙂
    Thank you for your kind words 🙂 im happy you like reading my blog, and yes now it makes a little sense with all this travelling, right! 😉
    Hope to see you one day again, diving somewhere, once you try you never go back 😀

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