One “babystep” at a time.

Still alive, and still in Dahab.

So many things have happened since my last post. I’ve managed to finish my tec 40-45-50 course, so now i am oficially a Tec diver 😉

Did my 50 meters dive in the famous Blue hole with one of my instructors Jonas and with Nene. Could’nt have done this with better people, they were awsome and it was an easy dive, no stress.

50 meters in the Blue hole.. What a feeling, and i got to see the Arch. I can definitely see know what people mean by thinking it seemes so short to dive through there. It’s about 25 meters to go through but when you look into it,it looks like maybe a little over 5. crasy, this is how alot of accidents  happen there.

So now i have started up my Trimix course. That is the most challenging one. So many things can go wrong, there are so many things to remember. And it’s all on you. You are responsible for yourself. There is really not an option for rescue if something happens at these depths. But i think it’s fascinating, and challenging. And everything about it is capturing me.

The other day we celibrated yet another birthday  by going a little out of Dahab to a magical place called Ras Muhammad. We were celebrating Kiki’s and Jenny’s birthday, twins that live here. We spent a day there from the morning to the day after in the afternoon.

This is some of the group at Ras Muhammad, chilling in the sun.

We did these amazing dives there and then we all sat around a fire in the evening, relaxing and having a few laughs.

And here we all are by this amazing divesite

A cool gang, a great day 😉

Still, i have no camera. Although i was lucky enough to borrow Nene’s camera for today. Have to make a trip down to Sharm el sheik to buy one, feel like im missing an arm without one.

Took some pictures of Dahab today, just to give you an idea how it looks like.

Yep, Dahab from the beach side, there we walk into the water fully equipt to do dives, this diving site is called The Lighthouse

Other than that, not much is up. I’ve actually been missing (and this is almost hard to believe) Utila alot. The people, the diving there, the warm sandy Island life. Hearing the locals speak with their funny rasta accent. And the small isolated Island life. although i protestet fiercely every time somebody said to me that “the island life had got me” then now, i can feel it actually did. I like it here but my mind is wondering off regularly. Also think it has had alot to do with my study’s. Have not been in school for over 10 years, and im so new in the diving business, everything is still relatively new to me so i have to put in alot of work in it, which is allright i have nothing against it. It has just taken some time to adopt to it, but i think im in the right mode now.

I would be lying if i said that the thought had not occured to me to just hop on the next flight to somewhere and leave this all, because i’ve felt like this was too hard,too much at once. But i’ve signed up for this and im finishing what i started and trying to remember to enjoy all this in the process. Because after all, thats why im doing this because i want to and i have a passion for it..

Just hard to imagine going from an open water diver in the end of November last year, doing my first dive ever, to Trimix in March.. 😉 Never dwell on things for too long. Just do it .

I guess i am what they call an ” extremist “..

Good bye from Dahab for now.

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4 Responses to One “babystep” at a time.

  1. You’re doing great! Congratulations on finishing that part of your course. It must be hard to be in school again. It will be worth it if you stick with it and finish it. When are you meant to be leaving Dahab? I think Utila was much more “you” but that’s ok, it will still be there whenever you are ready to go back.

  2. vedisfonn says:

    That was such a sweet comment 🙂 thank you. I agree, Utila IS much more me.. I love the Islands.. i could also be happy on Isabela Galapagos, but that would cost me a fortune, so i’ll pick utila any day over that 😉
    Im supposed to be here until the end of Mai, then im heading for Iceland, for 3 hole months! i dont know! i think it will be a total culture shock to be back in Europe, we will see how i react and what time brings, After all, i am good at making “fast” descisions… 😉

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