Going deep!

Still in Dahab.Funny how i am staying put here for three months, it’s all still sinking in, it’s strange, when i’ve been travelling for so long now, and not knowing with certainty how long im staying at each place, well at least now i know i will stay here until the end of Mai. At least..

Dahab, the mecca of diving, and in my case Technical diving. The dive sites here are beautiful, it’s very different from Honduras and Galapagos, not better but different. Still dont have a camera, it’s going to be harder than i thought to get one, and still im closer to Europe than i’ve been for months.. odd!  Therfore, i have’nt been around to take photos and tell you all the things im experiencing here, kind of hard without a photographic proof.

I’m starting to get to know some of the faces around here, and they are starting to get to know mine. The taxi drivers around here where i live, dont ask me anymore if i need a taxi because they notice i live here. Im also getting fairly good at figuring out the local prices, it’s actually really cheap to stay here, live and eat if you know your way around. Actually it’s chep for you even if you dont get local prices, comparing to Iceland or Denmark.

Im at the shop every day, except for today, had a day off. Learning some cool stuff, one of my teachers, Aron has been introducing me to gas blending

And surprisingly enough to myself, i am enjoying it. Alot.

You dont want to mess up or do any mistakes when your doing these mixes. So many new things im learning. There is so much new info that im filling my head with these days, and i am enjoying it. Im just a little impatient, like perfectionists attend to, want to be good at this yesterday, or the day before and remember everything right away 😉

I’ve started my Tec deep dives.Yes people, im off the 3-5 meters deep sand patches , happy days 😉 We went down to 40 meters on tuesday at a dive site here in Dahab called Canyon. It was great, we dove down, like a crack , when you are down there it kinda looks like a fish bowl. There we stayed at 40 meters for about 9 minutes, then we went up again.

And yesterday, i did my Tec 45 dive. 45 meters! that was a first time, i did’nt expect to feel so happy about it, i bet Aron my instructor must have thought i was narked out of my sences down there because i was smiling 360 degrees.. 😉 What a feeling, it was an amazing feeling and experience. I felt like i had achieved something spectacular. Hard to describe, plus i bet all the tec divers are going now, “please, it’s only 45” but for me, this is the start of something that i will be doing alot of in the future, there is no way back now. if i ever doubted what the heck i was doing here, or if this was really something for me, then i can tell you right now, all that doubt left me there down at 45 meters.

Thats me and Aron, my instructor, getting ready for a dive.

Apart from the diving and studying, i have’nt seen alot of Dahab, plus i want to see  it with a camera, and in my next entery i WILL have a camera to document everything with.  It’s very different from Central and South America. The religion, believes, the way people are. Very different. And then again, no matter where i am, i have always striked people as a little too independent woman. I guess it can come off as a little rude around here. I go to the local gym here alot, and im always the only woman in there. Firstly it was shocking in the beginning for people, i assume so from all the staring i got and whispering, now they are used to me, i think. Secondly, people try and help with every little thing you do, you might not seem in need of help,at all but they want to help anyways.. Which is nice, but quite annoying after awhile. Why am i in the gym lifting weights if people think i cant handle changing the weights myself!! 🙂  And women are treated differently here than men, i dont notice that so much myself as i am an turist and am treated well, and in other matter, but i do notice when i look at the locals interacting.

Everywhere you look, you see sheep! they are EVERYWHERE.. Honestly, they walk around the streets, in the middle of the traffic, like they have a death wish.. Funny. And camels, apparently they get a camel when they are young, and this is quit prestige to have your own camel.. Especially if you have several. Cats and dogs. Also everywhere. Never have i seen so many stray animals in one place, and i have been around. And of course, i would like to feed them all, i have such a little heart when it comes to stuff like that, but then i would have to adopt whole animal kingdom in Dahab and thats not going to happen.

Other than that, 50 meters coming up. It will probably be in the Blue hole, and it will be tomorrow or the day after, im excited that will be a new cahllenge for me, so looking forward to it. A good bye pic from few of us in Dahab tec dive center, Blue immersion:-)

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