Persistence pays off.

A little update from Dahab.

I got very unlucky the other day, found out that somebody had stole my credit card info and was partying on my expense somewhere in Miami…. I was lucky enough to find out quick enough. I noticed huge amounts had been taken out in some shoe store, and at restaurants.. As a backpacker, i dont go out eating at fancy places, and i’ve been wearing flip flops for 9 months now. So when i figured out that somebody had somehowe stolen my card info from somwhere..My state will be best described by this picture here

I was furious.

Its not like these are people in need of money. They were buying luxorious things and eating out on expensive restaurants.

Quickly i contacted my bank . Apparently this happens alot, it has probably happened when i used my card in an ATM. Because i almost never buy anything with it, i just take money out. So they closed my card down, and the thieves had already got a great big chunk of what i had left to spend my three months here in Egypt.

But i have the best csr in Iceland. She fixed this problem in no time, God bless this woman.Luckily, my troubles were over as quickly as they started.

Another unlucky thing, my camera, my fancy leica lince camera has died on me. And im in Egypt.. Have’nt been able to take pictures for awhile, feel like im missing an arm. And of course, you cant get a camera here, so it looks like i have to make a trip to Sharm el sheik soon, i cant go on without a camera.But i can be stubborn as h.. when it comes to things like this. I’ve been trying to fix it myself. I guess it’s time to bury her, she has served her purpose well.

Have’nt been around much anyways to take pictures, im busy all the time. It’s a whole new world for me, new habits i’ve had to learn, like studying. I am studying every night. There is so much new info that i have to grasp. Im enjoying it, but it’s hard. I feel like im starting from scratch. Almost everything is new to me, when it comes to Tec, its not like recreational diving at all.

So my new favorite word these day is..

Yes, i want to, can and will.. I’ll admit, there are some things which im studying that i do think is scary, mostly because im afraid of forgetting something really important, or going”blank” in a middle of a deep dive and dont remember anything. But i think it’s normal, the stuff im reading really makes one think in a different way. Im still on the sand patch in 3 to 10 meters, so it’s all good. But im looking forward to make my first deep dive ,which my teacher Aron has told me will be soon.

So a good bye picture from Dahab that sums it pretty much up 😉 not exactly but…

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