Dolphins and Tec!

My site has been sick!!  Not exactly, i’ve been super busy since i arriwed here in Dahab.

Every day starts at the dive shop, and finishes sometimes a little early and sometimes around 5 but then there is homework, and believe me, it’s alot of homework. Plus i want to be sure im getting everything, so im reading some of the stuff over and over and making notes.

So my day number two in Dahab i went to the Blue hole with Aron one of my teachers and Kerry. We got this picture from there

Thats us two, me and Kerry and the Blue hole in the background.

We did an hour dive there.  I’m looking forward to dive there again, especially when i begin going deeper with Tec diving, then i will be able to see the famous arch.

My third day, we went for a dive, at a dive site called The Canyon.. I am telling you, im about the luckiest girl around. We had seen some Dolphins on the surface, and Aron suggested that we would try and see if we could spot them underwater. So down we went, four to five minutes later two Dolphins passed us underwater. We were five people down there and these two Dolphins seemed to have nothing better to do than swim around us and check us out.. For an hour ! Now that is unbelievable. That is so rare. I remember in Utila, we had to be as quiet going in the water as possible, to be able to snorkel with the Dolphins, and they would just swim away as soon as they realised that there were people around, but these two. They seemed happy having us around, and Kerry or Aron got this photo of me with one of the dolphins

How cool is that.. what an experience, i feel so lucky. I just came from diving in Galapagos, where i thought to myself, well now i have ruined my diving, because there was so much to see, but  this is what i get on day three in Dahab! I should be used as an lucky charm, the short time i have been diving, stuff like that seemes to “just” happen to me  😉

so now i’ve started up my Tec education. Im very much into it, but it’s harder than i expected. You kind of get thrown of ” all you knows” into you know nothing! which is good, we all have to start from the beginning, you dont get good at anything without practise, practise, practise.

So im reading alot and swimming in circles in three meter shallow water on a sand patch… Does not sound as appealing as swimming with Dolphins or Hammerheads, but thats what i will be doing for awhile now. Im not diving with one tank anymore now there are two tanks,alot more wheight going on there. And i got my drysuit on for the first time yesterday .. Im happy i have no pictures to share with you here from that. I had almost no control in my buoyancy whatsoever.. It must have been funny to look at, but today was alot better, i had alot more control of my suit, and the twinset i’m diving with. I really like reading about the Tec. So many things that capture you like this sentence right here, its from Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” Which means, prepare for everything, possible and impossible, which is good. It does’nt leave alot of room for mistakes if you think in that way. So there is a little paranoia allowed in Tec 😉

And this one right here : A Good Divers Main Objective Is To Live!!!  which can be read in this way G stands for Gas management, D stands for Decompression, M stands for Mission, O stands for Oxygen, I stands for Inert gas narcosis, T stands for Thermal exposure and L stands for Logistics.. Reality check. But better safe than sorry.. or not breathing! But i wont be diving to any depths, anytime soon, Aron just informed me today that i will be seeing alot of sand patches on 3 to 4 meters depth the next days, weeks practising my skills .. All depends on how well it goes.

One of the divers here, Abdul was celebrating his birthday three days ago and i got invited amongst people from the dive center. It was pretty cool, we went to the mountains and celebrated there. There was bbq and alot of singing! This guy was lucky, he got his birthday song in so many different languages sang for him.

Such a fun night out, and cool people to hang out with.

I’ve noticed that Dahab is different from Utila in so many ways, in terms of diving “place”. One for example is the partying, there is not alot of it here. People seem more relaxed in that way. And it’s not as warm here as it was there, i miss that alot. And here you walk into the water from shore, im not jumping off boats. And we take taxis to some of the dive sites here 🙂 that was so weird for me in the beginning.

When i just arriwed here, there were people coming up to me saying, “Hello, you’ve come back!” or “I remeber you from last time”.. in the beginning i thought i must look like someone they know, quickly i realised that this is only a line, that EVERYBODY around here use to get your attention, if it is to sell you something, or ask you out!.

Signing off now from Dahab, a good bye picture that my friend Kerry Thorp took, that girl’s got a talent 😉

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6 Responses to Dolphins and Tec!

  1. Anna says:

    Ooh! I really envy u about the dolphinis;) Did they play around with their bubbles?
    Glad to see youre having a nice time! Knuser!!

  2. Oh my goodness. That looks like so much fun.

  3. Wow, you don’t realise how big dolphins are until you see them next to someone. You are going to have so many pictures to get printed and put on the walls at home! That’s a nice black and white picture of you. Sounds like fun being a busy student!

    • vedisfonn says:

      Yes, i’ve gotten some amazing pictures. And i love the Tec. It’s so interesting. And i di’nt think i would like being student again, but i actually really like it 😉

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