Welcome to Dahab

I have finally arriwed the day before yesterday at around midnight here in Egypt. It only took all in all about 33 hours, and 4 flights. It was not easy getting here at all. I had such big problems in Ecuador just getting out of the country they did not want to let me fly because they insisted on i needed an visa to go there, which i dont, i had checked that already and then of course when i arriwed in Egypt it was no problem at all so i fought my way through, got on my flight and am in Egypt now.

Must say i got a great big shock when i arriwed in my thin pants, t- shirt and flip flops.. It is COLD in Egypt right now. So i quickly calculated that i will need to buy some more warm chlothes to keep some heat on, but they say here that this is temporary, that the heat and summer is just around the corner.. 😉

I got an appartment yesterday, a small one really cozy and the thing i like the most about it, is my balcony. It’s in an Aladdin style 😉

And i have a view from my balcony over some markets and a shopping street thats crowded with dive shops.

Yep, looks like im in Egypt allright 😉

So today i did my first dive here with Team blue immersion.

We went for a diving site called The Lighthouse. It was amazing!

The corals were in colors i have’nt seen before, pastel colors, pink, violet, green bluish colors. And there were these white flowers that opened and closed in a rhythm, like a breathing rhythm.. It was so beautiful. And these great big tree looking corals.. What a sight and it is decited that i need to invest in an underwater camera PRONTO!.

Took some pictures of the Dive center

This is the center from outside

And here is a picture from where the tanks are filled

This is so cool. Today one of the owners, Aron showed me how to fill the tanks, with air. Pretty cool and fascinating i think, im really into learning as much as possible when it comes to diving and mixing gases. I will be spending some time there in the near future 🙂

i am so excited to finally be here, The guys that own and run the center have been really cool, Jonas, Aron end Erik. And then there are two other girls there studying and a guy from Poland. A good team.

Have’nt been around to take alot of photos yet, but will have enough time to get around to it, as im staying here for a little bit over three months! so all in good time.

Took this one from outside of an restaurant today

You can just see all the divers there in the water. Its crowded with them here. There are over 60 dive shops here in Dahab. It was actually funny to just walk from the center fully equipt straight into the water from the shore!  Im so used to the boats, so that was different.

And a picture of Kerry, me and Nene at the restaurant today 🙂

So tomorrow we will be diving in the Blue hole. Im so excited, heard so many things and seen so many pictures, finally im going to see it.

So far, i like Dahab. It’s a dive town like Utila. Not so much party place though as Utila is. And you cant walk around barefeet. At least not now when it’s cold. There are ALOT of stray cats ( so egyptian ) 🙂   And the people are friendly. A little turistic but there are alot of people that travel over here to dive, so i guess that’s normal.

A good bye picture from our dive today that Aron took. Kerry, Nene and me.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Dahab

  1. Don’t think I would like it as much as the other places you’ve been! Interesting that you have the diving everywhere you go in such different places. Three months is a long time to stay. I’m sure you will end up loving it again.

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