Bitter sweet good bye!

Well, in a couple of hours im saying good bye to South America. Im in Quito Ecuador right now, arriwed yesterday late so i have’nt really been sightseeing. Was also so tierd after Isabela, Galapagos that i’ve just rested.

My last day in Isabela i did a hike to this volcano they have there…

I always look so much forward to the hikes, and then i always wonder on my way up there, ” Why did i sign up for this”!! Not remembering, yet again, that i come from a land of Volcanos!.

Some of it was kind of cool though. We walked passed an active one, where there was smoke coming from it and it was a fair walk, good exercise.

There was an elderly man from Brazil who totally flipped out on our guide for not waiting for him, because he was slow at walking because he was older then all the others in the group! ( his own words i may add ) This was a funny episode. Firstly, he was’nt far behind us, the guy just wanted to walk in front of the group! secondly, why would you ever sign up for a hike like that if you dont feel up to it!. It was embarrissing especially for his wife, that melt down he had. Anyways, we kept on with our hike and all of a suddden, whoop!! Carma kicked the elderly guys ass… Yep, he felt down a little slope, did’nt get hurt but there was’nt a face in the group there was’nt trying to hide a little smile. Luckily he did not get hurt, but he had it coming, for being so rude.

But up we went, to lava land

Yes, its beautiful. And after all, worth the hike.

After that i went to a little guided tour to turtle harbour and snorkeled around with the turtles. They are so beautiful.

And of course there were penguins

They are so cute. And there were sealions and iguanas. All gods beautiful creatures at one spot. What a place

So yesterday i left Isabela and Galapagos. I could easily have stayed longer in these Islands that look like a seahorse 🙂

This is such a fairytale place with all its nature beauty and animal life. Extraordinary magnificent place.

So a new chapter is starting now, im on my way to Egypt. Today! It will take me short 25 hours in all to get to Dahab. But will probably be worth the trip. I feel like im getting closer to home because im on my way over there, im not especially happy about that, but i am looking forward to going to Egypt, never been there and it will only be one more country for me to explore 🙂

I’ve grown so found of Central and South America in these past six months. I dont feel ready to leave right away. I could have easily used more time here and explored more, but these countrys here and places have given me so much. It’s actually hard to describe, nature wise, so many different things then where i come from, the way people are, and think. It’s definitely different from Europe.

It’s more relaxed, carfree. Everything takes time aroound here so no point in stressing 😉 how people just seem to be content with what they have. And i’ve been wearing the same set of four pair of chlothes i have for almost 6 months ( except for my wetsuit).. I could not picture that happen in Europe, where it did’nt matter how much clothes i had, i never felt like i had enough.. And you just get sucked into that way off thinking when you are living in a society like that.

And i have’nt blow dried my hair or used any kind of hair products for six months! ( im a hair dresser for christ sake, this is a big thing ;-))

Make up! almost none, im always in the water anyways. Shoes! well, if i can get away with not using them im not using them. Washing chlothes every two weeks.. Not every three days like in Europe. Taking 2 minutes showers because there is’nt enough hot water on the Islands!

Getting used to seeing cockroaches, tarantulas, and walking by them without paniking like i did in the beguinning.

All the beautiful wildlife, hummingbirds, butterflies they have here with all their colors, sharks rey´s all the amazing underwater life.

And apprieciate all the wonderful people i got to know. The latino people warm hearted, emotional amazing people, who are good at spending time with the ones they love, put family first and friends are usually in that order also. I’ve felt so loved by my new friends, and connected to people more then i thought i would.

Was lucky enough to meet my unique “human” like Amanda would call him 😉 where i did not plan that, nor did i expect that to happen at all.. Frankly the guy irritated me in the beguinning because he was literally everywhere where i was.. But as soon as i got to know him, decided i did’nt want to let him go. I will miss you and i look forward to seeing you, soon again.

He’s good at making one laugh 😉

So going further away from so many things i´ve gotten used to and gotten to know, i feel a little sad that im leaving, but im sure this will only be a new chapter in my travels and experiences, and there is always good to have comparison when it comes to countrys and places. But never did i think i would love Central America so much.

im leaving some pieces of me there, only for me to pick them up again on return one day

And im taking this valuable lesson with me from there.

Live today, love today you never know what tomorrow brings, life is only moments, full of moments and always, enjoy the sunset…

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2 Responses to Bitter sweet good bye!

  1. Anna says:

    Good Luck my friend! Have a safe tripp,and let me know how u are in Egypt! Knuser!

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