Im in love with Isabela!

Yet another post from me, right away. But im using time wisely and writing while i can, unfortunately my time here on Isabela in Galapagos is soon over so im blogging away while i can. Im so in love with Isabela, this Island that i’ve decided if i ever decide to have a kid,and it’s a girl she will be named Isabela after this island..

To something compleatly else. Yesterday i made a post about my dive cruise, where i posted alot of underwater photos which i absolutely forgot to give thanks for, to my Danish friend Kasper Torffvit. He had a professional camera and since my camera broke down on me in the beguinning of the cruise, i got all his photos, and he was kind enough to take photos of me too, with turtles and swimming around, so thank you yet again Kasper, you’re a genius 😉 and here is a photo of us


Oh Isabela. This Island here in Galapagos is breathtaking. I have never ever felt so much at home when im travelling as i do here. It’s so beautiful around here, nature wise and the island life here is so appealing. It’s quiet and calm, people here and there, it’s not overcrowded with turists, i dont see alot of people around actually. They have some graffiti art on the buildings, like other places in Galapagos, take a look

And there is more

Its amazing. So cool

I wonder why we dont have alot of houses looking like that in Europe. We are so conservative and modern, there is almost no space for something different,

Like this.


This is the first night in a long time i get a good night sleep.. We are talking, i slept almost seven hours without waking up.. What a bliss.

I can hear the sound of the sea, and some birds. Thats all. There is almost no traffic, and occasional person or a couple that walks by.

And the best part, i have’nt told you yet.. The best part is this

Sand on the streets.. Everywhere! I am in shoe less heaven!!! 😉 No shoes, just walking around barefeet, like god created me  .

Spoke to my mom on skype today. She is amazed im still alive after all the things i saw while diving. Mothers! they worry alot. So we had these small silents in our convarsation, which she was enjoying so much because of the birds! she could hear birds and all kind of sounds from the wildlife nature. She was so happy to hear it, and it reminded me how used to it  i am by now, it was good to be reminded that these things i should not take for granted and just enjoy while im here.

So another thing i noticed about myself when i came here, i have become more relaxed on my travels. Thats probably why i like the quietness that im experiencing on this Island. I can sleep with out having music or anything like that on. I can sleep in peace, my mind is at more ease, there are not million things going through my head anymore right before i have to go to sleep, which normally keep me up which results in me not sleeping, which leads to stress… Only took me six months of travelling to get there, in this state..

And today i went on a small 1 hour boat trip to a place near by Isabel which is called Los Tuneles.

What a magic place that is, and the name explains itself when you see the pictures

Tunnels everywhere. swimthroughs and clear water. Very shallow water but beautiful.

There you could see big sea turtles and white tip sharks. And i might add that this was “snorkeling” not diving.. I have never even used the snorkel that came with my mask, i’ve been so busy diving so that was about time.

It was beautiful. So worth the trip over there, and the water was so clear.

This was also my first time touching a turtle.. I had to.. It was so close to me and i was swimming by it, so i touched the shell. It felt a little strange, different from what i expected. The turtle seemed to like it, it stopped swimming and just floated while i patted it.

Yep it was truly beautiful, and like nothing i’ve ever seen.

There were also penguins!

A cute fella 😀

So we had, penguins, white tip sharks, sea turtles and of course sea lions.. We are in Galapagos, if they dont have the sea lions, then something is wrong.

I paired up with two Ecuadorian girls and a guy from Ecuador also, Natalie, Carla and Romel.. I was the only Eropean person on board, and never have i felt quite so “different” as i did when i saw this photo

But a fun group to hang out with and a cool day .

So i was supposed to go to the volcanos today. but went to the Tuneles instead, so tomorrow will be, hiking the volcano day, and only Romal is going from this group, the girls dont want to walk that far… 😉

After that we came back and i took a stroll down the beach, which is right next to my hostel and this is what i saw

Now, is it just me and my mind, or does that not look like a huge iguana orgie!!

They look like punks with their rugged look. so cute.

So i’ve decided that i will come to Isabela in my 70´s and buy a house and live here. This is a place i can live the rest of my days at im sure.. In this house for example…. 😉

I’ve never been the kind of girl that have dreamt about having my own house. The world is my home. i’d rather spend money on renting and beeing free and able to go when i want to. But i could picture myself living in this one. This is not a perfect house, but just my style, and i could live happily in the one half of it. Lets see what happens when i turn 70, might just end up buying this house.

So Isabela is just my cup of tea. People are safe here, the streets are made of sand, there is art on the walls. There is a huge selection of animal life, christ.. They even have flamingos!!  You can hear the sea, 24/7 and enjoy the nature. Really dont want to leave the day after tomorrow. Its way to soon, wish i’ve had a month here, but there is always “next time” 😉

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6 Responses to Im in love with Isabela!

  1. Wow! It sounds amazing. If you still remember how you feel about this place in a few months and you can’t get it out of your head you will know it’s for you. This is how I feel about Iceland. 🙂 I can understand how relaxing this place must be and the sand streets sound wonderful. And you are so lucky, with your diving you could actually get some kind of job here, in a place where there can’t be many jobs!

    • vedisfonn says:

      It is an amazing place, paradise on earth 🙂
      And yes, i will probably still be hooked on this place in some months.. I can just feel it, and where there is will there is way, if i want to settle down here one day.. We’ll see 😉

  2. Helga María says:

    Vá, þú lýsir þessari eyju sem algjörum draumastað! Elska að sjá allar þessar myndir af dýrunum og já… þessar eðlur eru pönkarar 🙂 Njóttu síðasta dagsins á Isabelu! Knús á þig skvís.

  3. Stella says:

    Æðislegar myndir sæta, mikið hlýtur að vera fiðsælt og yndislegt þarna. Eigðu rosa góða tíma og njóttu.
    knús Stella

  4. vedisfonn says:

    Knús á tig Stella mín

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