Wolf and Darwin and all the Hammerheads!

Im back to civilisation, no internet for a week, i survived.. Barely.

And what a trip, what a cruise. I really dont know where to beguin. First of all i was lucky enough to meet Anna and Kasper from Sweden, and we hung out the entire cruise. Without them this experience would have been different.. Im not sure it would have been that good, so thank you for making this such a great experience for me 🙂

Yep, the A – team.

Kasper, Anna, me and our guide William.

Such a funny guy, and a good group.

We were a pretty mixed group on board, one from sweden, one from Denmark, me the Icelander, one scottish fella, one guy from Japan 5 people from Italy and seven from Spain. In the end, we all got to know each other pretty well. And we were only three women out of that number. Plus the staff.. All men!! Whats up with that!.

Anyways we started out with a short test dive the first day, near to San Cristóbal. As soon as we were down there we saw this

Pretty amazing. Especially because i was expecting one or two of those guys to swim around, but we got a whole lot of them. And this is just our first dive.

The day after we made our way up torwards the Wolf islands, the dive there is absoulutely fantastic, there is so much live, everywhere

I love the turtles. they are so calm and at ease, they are in no hurry at all and they look at you those curious calm eyes. they even let you swim with them for awhile.

We spent good two days there and did three dives every day, 50 minutes each. I was so excited the first two days about all the things i was seeing, that i was going through my air quickly. i got that under control on day three by not hurrying alot and breathing slowly.. This girl has got what they call ” a fast fin” 😉

After Wolf we hadead out to Darwin, so beautiful there, and the diving site, also amazing of course.

There is so much to see every day.

The amazing hammerhead.

And all the turtles, starfish, seahorses, Galapagos sharks, White tip sharks, Nurse sharks, sea lions, Tiger shark ( although unfortunately i did’nt see it, it’s very uncommon around here ) Ray´s, eagle rey´s Manta rey´s.. The list goes on, and this is just some of the things you can find down there

All in all this was a great cruise, if i ever have the time, money and so on, i will definitely do this again. No doubt.

The graet Galapagos shark.

And all the divers doing a safety stop 🙂

The thing about diving in Galapagos is that you are diving in a very strong current or a surge sometimes which means, you better wear your gloves, and all the extras, otherwise you might just drift away, and we are talking far away. They give you radios and a whissle to use if that happens. Luckily nothing like that happened to me, but i had a pretty firm grip 🙂

And so after Darwin we made our way back to Santa Cruz, where i started my trip. I said good bye to the group, and we exchanged e-mails and so on, it was kind of hard saying good bye, there has been so many laughs between us and a whole week living together. But some of them im sure i’ll see again, the Spanish people actually came from a scuba club in Madrid, so you never know, i might pay them a visit one day.

So i spent the night in Puertu Ayora yesterday and today i arriwed in Isabela. And what a beautiful Island. This one im fallen for, head over heals. It’s a relaxed small Island, not alot of turists. There are volcanos, beaches and ALOT of iguanas 🙂

so tomorrow my plan is to go on a hike to the volcano here. I wish i had more then 2 days to spent here, i really like this Island, alot more then the other Islands in Galapagos i’ve seen so far.

I also took alot of pictures of the Islands at Wolf and Darwin, but i will post them later. This post is dedicated to one of my great big loves. the ocean, and the underwater life.

This tierd traveller will now wish you all buenas noches people.

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8 Responses to Wolf and Darwin and all the Hammerheads!

  1. I would love to see all this underwater wildlife, but I am actually pretty scared of water and not a good swimmer. Even if I got down there somewhere I would feel nervous the whole time, but for you it really is “your world” isn’t it? It’s amazing to think this is all existing somewhere and most people just never see it.

    • vedisfonn says:

      This an amazing world, yes . And i feel prviliged to travel to this place. Your only nervous until you see them, then it dissapear. You could make a divetrip to Iceland one day and dive with me there 😉 It’s like travelling , diving. Your seeing another part of the world, like going to space.
      And yes i really love diving

      • You would struggle to get me in the water let alone going down in the water! Aquariums are made for people like me. 🙂

      • vedisfonn says:

        What.. is this a challange.. I take it! your on.. Next time your in Iceland and im there, we are getting you in the water .. 😉 fears are made to be broken and owercome.. 😉

      • I tell you what, it’s going to be hard enough for me going on the whale watching trip this summer! I will be the only person freaked out by being on a boat I’m sure, and probably being sick over the side the whole time. Hopefully we don’t actually end up in the water. I just imagine it being really rough water…for me even a canal is rough water! Anyway, I will put up with it to see whales and maybe it won’t be as bad as I think! Believe it or not this is me doing something I am quite scared about.

      • vedisfonn says:

        I think you are brave going on the whale thing when you are scared of it.I was scared shitless of sharks before i ever saw one.. 😉 it was different as soon as i saw it. And being sea sick on a boat! it doesnt matter that i dive and i love that, i get sea sick on boats too 😉 i hate when that happens. Maybe i will be able to see one of these whales this summer while im diving in Iceland!.. 😉

  2. Anna says:

    It really was a wonderfull tripp!!! Great hanging out with u:)

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