San Cristóbal and Humboldt Explorer!!!

Then im writing my farewell post.. Only for the next week though 😉

Arriwed at San Cristóbal yesterday at around 2 pm. Met up with some of the people that are going on the same cruise, a wonderful sweedish couple, and a funny scootish man. I’m not worried, im absoulutely sure that we will have fun. So this is what greeted us on the docks here.

So sweet.

So we just threw our bags into the hotel rooms and went off for a sightseeing. This is a cute lille Island.

And there were alot of shots like these to be taken

Amazing 🙂

One of these guys actually tried to run after us.. He was kinda grumpy i guess.

And these are the guys im going with, the scotish guy

Thats Allan, cool guy.

And then the swedish newly weds Kasper and Anna 🙂








So im looking forward to this. And there will be so many things to see.. Plus no internet! for a whole WEEK!!… You think i’ll survive it!.. 😉

And i will and am missing this amazing person.. that means the world to me 🙂

I definitely left my heart in Utila with this unique person.

But i’ll see him soon so thst’s all good 🙂


This will be a short post, just on my way to the boat now.. Cant wait to try out all the exciting new dive sites. And living on a boat for a whole week.. Never tried that before.

So good bye for now ( for a week!) , And who ever said that girls could not pack lightly…. 😉

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8 Responses to San Cristóbal and Humboldt Explorer!!!

  1. Aw, seals! Glad you made some new friends. And what’s this – a hint of romance??? Hmmmm….

  2. jaguarod says:

    You are going to loose the fins sista! Hey. the pictures of the seals…ejem, the first one in the bench is amazing, it is just on the perfect moment and place…I mean, you understand what is written on the bench??

    And…and…Im really curious of who is this misterious man you left at Utila!!! jajaja!

    Take care Vedis! Safe travels!!!

  3. vedisfonn says:

    Iron man from your IDC!!.. No, i dont think so 🙂

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