Galapagos, Santa Cruz Got to love it!

I arriwed at Galapagos Islands yesterday. Flew into Baltra airport, it was a short 1 hour 40 minutes flight from Ecuador, with this fine airline, very luxorius

Yep, AeroGal.

Almost as good as Icelandair.. 😉

I arriwe at Baltra airport around noon.

I looke around as i step out of the plain, and what a sight. The Island looks Exactly like those pictures i’ve seen. And there is animal life EVERYWHERE.

As i get out of customs, there is a local man with a big smile on his face standing with a big paperboard with my name on it! I was so impressed, never have i gotten such a service throughout my travels, but then again, you pay for it when you go to Galapagos, it’s all inclusive in my cruise.

He insisted on carrying my backpack.. did i mention that he was not tall.. At all. So i gave him my backpack to carry.. It was so funny, and he was having real difficulties carrying it around, but held his head high and powered through with that backpack 😉 i wanted to take a picture of it, but thought it would come off as rude.

So we leave the airport with a bus, it’s only about 10 minutes drive, and we arrive at a ferry that takes us over to Santa Cruz, where i am right now. The ferry only took about 10 minutes also, and while we were crossing we saw two giant turtles in the water, Sea lions and so many pelicans.. i’ve never seen anything like this.. Welcome to Galapagos!


On our way in the car we passed giant turtles on the road.. it was so strange, these animals seem so at home, they are not afraid of people and they just seem so calm and relaxed, like they’re not scared of the traffic even. Although, there is not alot of traffic here anyways.

When i arrived at Puerto  Ayora, Santa Cruz, i met up with Jennifer, the woman who planned my whole cruise and trip here. We had a talk about the trip, what time / dates, etc. And then we took a walk at the docks. This is about 8 in the evening

These guys ( Pelicans) were all over the fisherman, trying to get something to eat. It was so funny to see, they were everywhere and one of them was brave enough( or stupid) to stand right next to the fisherman that was cutting fish. very cool sight.

So my plan was to wake up bright and early and do loads of things. Well, i must have been really tierd because i slept from 10 o’clock in the evening to 11 the following morning!. Not exactly an early start.

but off i went to explore the Island, started with the roof top on my hotel, and spotted this guy here

Cute fella.

And on my way to the national park, i went to an ATM on one of the mainstreets here and saw this guy right here.. Out of nowhere!

Is’nt he cute!! spoke to my mom on skype yesterday, and the first thing she says is ” watch out for those lizards there they have, iguana something! apperently they have been biting people, especially turists, it has been reported!”..  Sometimes i think that woman thinks im still 5 years old.. 😉 Got one of this one swimming

And how about one more, while we are at it

Life does’nt get alot better then this!.

So i continue my walk, still on my way to this National park, still strolling around “downtown, Santa Cruz” and notice another dock, went down there to see if i could get a good picture of the ocean view and this is what i see

And another one of the cuteness

🙂 Im sure my friend Mariamaja is about to melt down now, with all these pictures.

And on my way were some interesting houses/stores to. Take a look

This is a souvenir shop.

I noticed here in Santa Cruz that they have alot of ” different ” kinds of buildings, and some cool graffiti designs

And this is a chlothes store, and then my personal favorite of what i’ve seen so far.

Take a look at the Hammerhead art wall

Such a good design.

I kept on  walking to the National Park

On my way over there i saw  a snake.. ( i did NOT stop to take a photo) my mane thinking was to stay away from that thing, and iguanas, and some small turtles. So almost everything i saw was on the way to the park, and when i came back to the main street, by the docks.. take a look

A pretty good shot 😉

But thats how it is walking around here, there is a good shot just around the corner. Like looking at National Geographic Live!!.. It’s amazing, thats all i can say.

And tomorrow i’ll be off to San Cristóbal, where i will be taking my Cruise with the Humboldt Explorer for a weeks time.. Seven days. Seven days without computer, without phone, there will be NADA communication!.. Gulp! im such an internet junkie, that will be challenging 😉

So i am going to try and post one more time, before i go onboard, it will probably be tomorrow, as there is so much to photograph, i really have to try and squeeze in one more posting.

So until then, a good bye picture from Santa Cruz

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4 Responses to Galapagos, Santa Cruz Got to love it!

  1. Vedis, amazing, I love wildlife and would love this place. It is great that the animals are living so close to the people and not nervous or disturbed by them. Just watch out you don’t get bitten. 🙂 I don’t know anyone who has been to Ecuador or Galapagos and in this time where everybody just travels everywhere that is pretty cool. Have a GREAT time on your cruise and let them spoil you. I hope you have some good books to read with no internet!

    • vedisfonn says:

      Thank you my dear 🙂
      I’ll watch out, i think there is minus possibility get bitten if you just try not to touch them!! 😉 but then again i might just try and do that, im sure thats why my mom felt the urge to say that to me, that woman knows me to well!
      Yes, i feel priviliged to be here, stargely enough, there are actually not alot of turists here.
      And i will have to buy more books on the next Island.. I wish i had Arnaldur or Yrsa’s books now :-/

  2. Helga María says:

    Vá þetta er dásamlegur staður! Góða skemmtun í San Cristóbal og taktu helling af myndum! 🙂 Knús á þig og hlakka til að fá meiri ferðasögu 🙂

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