Adios Utila, hello Roatan!

So i’ve left utila yesterday and now im at this Island here in  Honduras called Roatan. Not very far from Utila but here i will be catching my flight to Ecuador and then to Galapagos.

it was strange to say good bye.. Been there for ten weeks, on the “Rock” as people call it 😉 And it’s first now that i notice how primitive Utila really is, in its own special way. Turistic, yes, but a little bit out there, a little bit special.

I’ve noticed since i arriwed here, in Roatan that i was, without really noticing it, gotten used to wearing no shoes.. At ALL times. It’s so easy in Utila, the warm sand, the “rather” clean streets, the island living.. No shoes, oh how  miss it!! , right away. Noticed real quick yesterday that i had to unpack my Teva flip flops, they are in usage now, once again, feel so “normal”.. Again

And it would have been funny seeing me in the supermarket.. Went to a supermarket and i swear, i could have used a good hour in there, just looking at stuff they had.. There is not alot of “selection” in Utila. Sometimes the boats dont go to the mainland at all, because of weather or whatever reasons and then you just get what is sold on the Island. That does not mean they run out of food or anything in that style, just means you cant be picky when it comes to food habits.

Another thing i noticed.. the water! HOT water.. My god, it is heaven, oh how i have missed hot water. This was my first hot water for 10 weeks, and you best believe i enjoyed it 😉

And i miss the diving. No diving yesterday, nor today.. It’s weird. but i’ll be doing plenty of that when i arrive at Galapagos, so im not panicked about it. Actually nice to feel that i actually miss it. It’s strange being at a rather fancy resort, white beach, turists, Pina colada’s.. When all i’ve been doing for the last ten weeks has been diving, studying, busting my a.. off helping with courses, getting some education, alot of fun but something to do 24/7 and now.. Im just waisting time, sleeping and enjoying Roatan.

Came here with my friend Iker, and we both agree on that life is more relaxed in Utila in many ways.. everything is just a little “better” in Utila.. 😉 yep, we love the Island live over there, where you spend the majority of you time down at the dive center or in the water, walk around barefoot greet people that pass you, the locals, the divers and just enjoy the sun, where here it has been raining.. And there are alot of turists that are just here to sunbathe and snorkel, and now Miss V is to fancy to snorkel, all i want to do is dive anything else is a waist of time in the water.

Amazing this car, that it still runs.. Just to show you a little from Utila, yep if it works, then we are not throwing ít away, we are using it!.. 🙂 love that way of thinking.

So it was with great sadness i said good bye, but happy for the time i spent there and all the people i got to know..

This Girl right here is one of my Favorite persons there and i will miss her, deeply

Tania, from´Canada.. I’ll miss you girl 🙂 and this beautiful sample of a human being, Mau..

Boy, you should be earning money for walking around saying ” pow pow to the camera”!!!! 😉 see you in Iceland.. soon.

So i guess i dont have alot more to tell you right now, just hanging around in Roatan, planning on trying to get on a local dive around here tomorrow.. Just bought my first, my very own wetsuit!.. It’s 5 mm.. Warm enough for Galapagos, so it will be perfect to take it out for a dive tomorrow

Yep, looks good and its warm and comfy .

So a warm and sunny good bye from Roatan and good bye to one of my favorite places, Utila. until next time 😉 a adios picture of the hooligans

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