Whale Sharks, Galapagos and Egypt!

Being in Utila these days is’nt bad at all. Right now there is a Whale shark season, they pass through here because of plakton which is they’re food resource. The Whale Sharks are large, magnificent beautiful sea creatures to look at. Here is a picture that Guillem took of one of these Whale Sharks that were hanging out here in Utila 🙂

Beautiful, is’nt it!

And Karina, that lucky girl came very close to one of them.. Take a look, it’s amazing

Thats just amazing!..

unfortunately, i did not get that close.. Not even a little bit. Saw one at the surface, went into the water and as soon as i was there Puff!!! it was gone.

But im not worried, no. I’m the lucky girl who has just bought tickets To Galapagos Islands.. And after that to Egypt.

And in Galapagos is so much underwater life, that they promise you things to see while you’re there, or your money back!… 🙂 only if it was that good, but there is ALOT of life there.

So the 30 th of January, i will be going to Roatan, an Island here in Honduras, close to Utila. only for three days, and then the 2 of February i am off to  Guayaquil in Ecuador where i will spend one night, and then im off to the famous Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Islands are volcanic Islands in the Pacific Ocean, close to Ecuador in South America. It’s well known for its protected wildlife and nature beauty.

Yep, i’ll be landing in Galapagos, San Cristóbal the 3 of February and i’ll be leaving the 16 th , that will give me around 13 days there, where i will be living on board a dive vessel called Humboldt explorer, the majority of my time there, or for eight days to be exact.

It will be three to four dives every day, and a great opportunity to see the small Islands there.

I will be covering the majority of the Islands while on board. My first day over there looks like this, i’ll be seeing San Cristóbal, Isla Lobos, where you can see sea lions,  sand dollars, black-blotched stingrays, puffers and sea stars. 🙂 not too shabby.

The second day we will be going to North Seymour and Mosquera where you can see Galapagos garden eels, sea turtles, sea lions, fur seals, golden eagle rays, yellowtail grunts, bigeye jacks, schools of snappers and frequent sightings of whitetip reef sharks, hammerheads, and Galapagos Sharks.. 😉

Day three to five we will be at Wolf Island or Darwin Island, depending on weather.  There you can see hammerheads, and big Galapagos sharks. There is also the likelihood of seeing marine turtles, various types of rays, mantas, dolphins, moray eels, and invertebrates.

The sixth day, we will be at Roca Redondo and Vincente Roca where often sun fish, hammerheads, white tip reef sharks, manta rays, sea horses and Galapagos sharks can be spotted.

And the seventh day, we will be at Cousins Rock and Bartolome island. Cousins Rock is a perfect site for seeing black juvenile corals, Galapagos seahorses, octopuses, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, green sea turtles, eagle rays, and schools of barracudas. And we will get guided tour to the town of Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island 😉

then at the eight day i will be ending my boat cruise in San Cristobal, i have’nt detail planned yet my travels after that in Galapagos, but i will be making my own path, as im used to do along the way.  But im not worried, Galapagos is so known for its beauty and parks, and wild animal life. If it looks anything like this, im not worried at all 😉

Beautiful, is’nt it! If it looks anything like this, im in for a treat.

I’ll tell you this right away, Galapagos is pricey! this is not the cheapest travel location you pick, but it is a once in a life time experience, and i would’nt have picked this place if i was’nt shortening my world trip because of Egypt. But  i was lucky, i got my trip for a good price, expensive but cheaper then it normally is. But im sure it will be totally worth it.

So i will have to the 16 th of February. Then i will be flying to Quitio in Ecuador where i will be spending one night and then i will be heading off to Egypt the 17 th. 24 hours and three flights later i should be arriving in Dahab. Long journey, but will probably be worth it when im there 😉

So i guess my time here in Utila is running it’s course..  – 5 days, then im off..strange to be finally leaving this Island, but exciting.  Adios for now

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4 Responses to Whale Sharks, Galapagos and Egypt!

  1. I love that last picture! They look so sweet. Can’t wait to hear about the next leg of your trip, if you even have time for your blog. 🙂

  2. I just came back to see if you were on the move yet, and you are! Hope it wasn’t too sad leaving your old place. Good luck with the next leg!

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