Change of plans!

Promised you an update when i knew for sure what i would do, and i’ve made up my mind.

My travel plans are about to change drastically. I wont be going to South-America, nor Australia.. Nor Asia. No, not this time around.

I have decided to give in to my passion, the dive. I’m going to  Egypt . Im going to be teaming up with a dive company there called Team Blue Immersion, couple of Icelanders that own it, and i’ve heard good things about them, and i’ve been following them for awhile online, and i can say, that im really looking forward to joining them

So they are located in Dahab, in Egypt where you have The Blue Hole to dive in ..  So amazing, cant wait to see it 😉 and dive in it

So my plan is to be there the 15 th of February. i will be studying and doing TEC dive and TRIMIX, and specializing in some things.

Im happy with this decision, and excited. This just goes to show how much one’s plan can change.. Pretty amazing.

I’ve never been specially intrested in Egypt,as a country to visit, but since i started all this diving business, it has been an absolute MUST see country, in my books.

People that have dived all over the world, all praise Egypt, the Red Sea, the Blue Hole.

Of course this means that i wont be doing the travel route i started out with, but for me it is fine. My plans have changed and im at peace with that, plus the world is not going anywhere, it will still be here later on so i will be able to travel on.

So my plan for now is to stay in Utila this week and into next week, then i will have to start travelling, i can not leave until i’ve been to Galapagos Islands. That will probably be my final destination before Egypt 😉 I want to get to Nicaragua, and Galapagos, but first thing is first, i’ll start out with Galapagos Islands and the rest will kind of solve itself as i travel on, which is my way of doing things .

My plan after that is to stay in Iceland for the whole summer.. yep, you heard me. This girl goes on a worldtrip, gets a year off work and what does she do! goes to her birth country for three months. Of all places in the world i can choose to stay at, or travel to, i choose Iceland for three months!. Firstly and one of the main reasons is, because i have a job there, during this summer, diving. Secondly, been away from ” home” for over 7 years now, and every time i visit Iceland, it is done in such a hasty hurry kinda way, that im actually looking forward to spending time with my family and friends, hopefully in peace and with enough of time,that it wont feel stressful and like i did’nt have enough time to see everybody. I do not feel like i want to live there, but it will be great spending some time there for once 😉 and then i will be back in DK, like planned in September.

That sums it up, that was my BIG news.  and it is kinda big, i’ve been thinking about this for awhile to. So, i will actually miss this place here, and the great people i’ve met. I’ve had so much fun here, although at times i’ve been restless ( probably because im such a hyper person)  I’ve learned so much from my mentor Maya and the staff at UDC. This beautiful place of education, take a look

The boats we go out on,diving.

And all the good people i’ve met.. i will miss them, but im sure my path will cross some of theirs again, in life.

And all the fun courses i’ve done, and been privileged to help with. This one was Rescue.. Hard, but so much fun 😉

Plus all the people i refer to as friends of mine, and they are a couple here 🙂

Love these kind of photos.



couple of normies here

Me and Rachel.. 🙂 really learned to appreciate this girl, she is one of a kind, and a good friend

They deserved their own special spot here. Leo the dog plus a friend.. 😉

Sophie, that is so interesting when that happens, found a girl that has the same kind of black sarcastic twisted sence of humor as i have.. at times…  😉 you are missed here in Utila girl.

And so many friends, i could put up so many pictures, but there is just not enough space and time to do so 😉

This island also has it own ” sence of humor” if you could refer to it in that way. To explain myself, i´ll throw in this photo.. it says it all!

Yep.. Nice, right! 🙂 at least you wont have to worry about they dont have caskets, if something goes wrong!!…

And thats it for now, i’ll throw up some pictures of Utila before i leave. Buenas Notches 😀

Utila sunset

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12 Responses to Change of plans!

  1. How exciting, that all sounds great. If you go to the Galapagos you must post some photos of those big tortoises!
    Egypt doesn’t appeal to me personally but I can see that the Blue Hole looks cool! Most importantly I’m sure you will continue to meet like-minded people and have interesting times.
    The coffins sign is hilarious! And straps included, how reassuring…
    I’m also happy that you will spend some time in Iceland and look forward to hearing what you think about being back there.

    • vedisfonn says:

      I most certenly will post, alot of photos fromGalapagos 🙂 i agree, egypt does´nt appeal to me either, but the Blue Hole.. so exciting.. 😉
      And yes the coffin sign.. My god!.. 😉

  2. He, he, it was funny to read your blog post, because I was thinking about suggesting to travel to Egypt and Galapagos!!! Some time ago, I wrote about my co-worker, who loves scuba diving. A few weeks back, I asked him about his favorite diving spots and one of the places he mentioned was Ras Mohammed / Egypt. Then just a few weeks ago, one of his best friends travelled to Galapagos and I thought “hmm… maybe I should suggest to Védís to take a trip to Galapagos”… During lunch break me and my co-worker checked out Utila dive centre’s website and noticed that Buddha View, Koh Tao, Thailand (the place where my co-worker learned scuba-diving) and Utila dive centre collaborate!

    Speaking about your drastic travel plan changes, I feel it is great that you decided to make these changes, because I’m quite sure that you will discover new experiences, meet – as I’d Rather Be In Iceland already mentioned – like-minded people and – most important – have a great time!

    • vedisfonn says:

      😉 Yes Andre, its funny how things change, and im always open for suggestions with places and countrys to see, so dont feel shy, just bring it on if you have something 😉 But im really looking forward to Galapagos.. Its supposed to be absoulutely amazing!..
      And im sure this is the right decision i´ve made.. At least im looking forward to it 😉

      • First of all I have to admit that I haven’t tried scuba diving yet (but after reading your blog and talking to a few co-workers about it, I will definitely give it a try). So, I cannot speak about diving spots by my own experience and I expect that it really depends on where your interests lie, but probably you will enjoy diving at Sipadan island / Malaysia. My co-worker loves this place! There are a lot of videos on Youtube showing the amazing underwater world of Sipadan island. By the way, his next trip will be to Semiland islands.

        Finishing this comment, I just want to add that I really like that you want to experience different forms of scuba diving (tec diving / recreational diving)! I expect that tec diving will be another great experience!

      • vedisfonn says:

        Yes, im really looking forward to the tec diving also, and by time, i will be seeing alot more of the world, on land and under water 😉 and im sure, you will love scuba diving.. Once you try, there is no way back.. 😉

  3. Åh, hvor blev jeg glad da jeg læste at du tager til Galapagos…it is a must !!! Glæder mig enormt til at se nogle fantastiske pictures 🙂
    Synes det er skønt at du vælger at fravige din oprindelige plan og følge dit hjerte og tage til Egypten…godt gået 😀

    • vedisfonn says:

      Hej min skonne Lis 🙂
      JA, der var nogle af min familie som sagde til mig at jeg ikke kunne komme tilbage uden at tage til Galapagos, sa det gor jeg 😉 vil osse gerne videre til Syd Amerika, men det ma vente til naeste gang 😉 Og tak for din stotte, det betyder meget for mig, tror osse det er den rigtige beslutning 🙂

  4. jaguarod says:

    “Have the courage to zip the wine of life”
    Laser 3.14

  5. EddaK says:

    Snilli 🙂 Vonandi sé ég þig á Íslandi!! Frábært hjá þér að gera ferðina að því sem þú vilt að hún verði, plönin mega alls ekki vera fyrir manni! Klem!

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