Divemaster finished :o)

My blog has been very quiet lately, i know. Been far too busy with my Divemaster course, which im proud to say now is finished 😉 and this girl passed her exams

Yep, thats me and Rachel, we started this thing together, and finished together. And with her is Sarah, one of the Instructors and with me is my mentor and teacher Maya.

So they have this ancient tradition where, when you finish your Divemaster you have to do a snorkeltest…

 Snorkeltest is basicly this

They put a mask on your face with a snorkel and then they fill it up with alcohol..

Exept for i got mine filled up with soda and Tabascosauce… yakk… Disgusting but i survived.

Rachel was like a champ, there was so much alcohol pourd into that thing and she managed to drink it all.. All or nothing 😉

So all in all a great night, and im so happy that im done with my course.

My plan now is to stay in Utila until i have 100 dives (30 to go) and then moove and and travel, like the orignal plan was.. Funny how things change especially when i look at my original plan. If i was going after that plan i would be in Australia right now. So much for “passing”through Central America 😉

I was restless for awhile and wanted to get off the Island, as quickly as possible, especially when one of the Islanders passed me the other day and said ” you still here, i guess the Island has cought you”.. That freaked me out a little 🙂 but things have changed and turned. I’ve made so many friends here, plus i’ve really fallen for the dive. So now my plan is to help with classes where i can and get some experience out of it.

And i might be changing my whole travel route.. i might be going in other direction then Asia, but more about that when i know for sure 😉

The great thing about living on an Island in Caribbean is that it’s warm 24/7 and you are close to water so you can do night swims if you want.

Had a really cool night out with some friends the other night. One of them was leaving the island for good, or well, at least for now. He´s been here for 5 years.. Guess it was about time. Some pictures of the gang.

To the right is Tibo, in the middle Iker and two girls from Australia

And to the right Mau, guillermo, Lisa, Mariano, and Karina.

Great people and an awsome night, it ended with night swimming 😉

So on this Island is one training center, only one. And it’s closed on Sundays, so my neighbours were’nt to happy about that, so they found a solution for that problem, take a look at the homemade gym we have in our backyard

 🙂 how funny is that . Where there is will, there is way .

And for now, a good bye pic from Utila sunset

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8 Responses to Divemaster finished :o)

  1. Bit says:

    the homemade gym is totally cute:))

  2. Congratulations!
    Imagine if you ended up staying there forever…

  3. Melanie says:

    Glad things are going so well, miss ya! 🙂

  4. Hey Védís,

    congratulations on finishing your divemaster course!

    I think it’s great that you could turn such a horrible event like a car accident at least partly into something positive by making a lifelong dream come true and that you found (maybe) the passion of your life (diving) while implementing it.

    The photo showing the homemade gym reminds me of this photo http://www.spiegel.de/auto/aktuell/bild-771146-231117.html showing a man working out in Caracas (Venezuela). By the way, speaking of pictures, the photo showing the Penguins “Do one brave thing today… then run like hell!” in your last post made me laugh! It’s hilarious!

    Have a great 2012!

    • vedisfonn says:

      Hey Andre
      🙂 thank you, im also very happy that this has changed in such a positive way. And defenately found something im passioanit about 😉

      that was a good photo, thank you. Thats how things look in the caribbean 😉
      have a perfect 2012

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