Shark dive in Roatan, Honduras.

Did a Shark dive, two days ago, by the Island, Roatan. It was such a cool experience!.

I was so scared of going.. Hate to admit it, but i was 🙂 But then again, i’ve never seen a shark, in my life so this was a good challange, and for me, it’s all about facing your fears. Besides, how good will i be as a diver if i cant swim around sharks.. 😉 So 6 o’clock in the morning, i headed out with 5 other people from my dive center, Dave, Darrin, Chris, Kalin and Tania . here is a picture of some of us from the center, and then there were people from different centers too.

And i just have to throw these two in here, this is  a photo of Chris and Darrin, you can see how much they were looking forward to the dive.. 😉

So we had a little briefing about the dive, before we headed off. He was pretty cool the Divemaster that took us there, he warned us about what to do and what not, and if the current was’nt too strong, we were allowed to swim with the sharks!.. I can tell you that, i was NOT thinking about swimming with them, i just wanted to get down there, face my fears, and leave.

So while we were on our way, i was getting more and more stressed about the whole thing, but there was no way i was going to back out of this. So down we went, and we had to start the encounter with the sharks by standing and kneeling by a Corral wall. So on my way down there, i see my first shark.. Strangely enough, i had no fear in me. It was beautiful

What a sight!.

And a picture of me and Dave.

We got to know before we went down there, that it would only be the female sharks we will get to see, They are normally larger then male sharks and the males are more irritaded and, well, not so social 😉 so we had 7 beautiful female sharks swimming with us.

What an experience, they seemed very calm, swam around in a calm way. And it was not like you see in the films, were the mouth was open and teeth were showing. Not at all, It was just like beeing around really big fish!.. 😉

The current was mild, which was lucky for us, it meant we were allowed to swim along with them. I must admit, i worried about hitting one of them with my fin, and piss them off. but all was goos, luckuly, nothing out of the ordinary.

what a sight, what an experience.  They were harmless these ones, reef sharks. they are probably used to people anyways. They have these tours down there almost every day. So they know the rutine, they come to us, swim around and then they are fed .. 🙂

now, that was a little scary thing. It’s the survival of the fittest , so they were all gathering around that bucket, all trying to get a piece. That was wild to look at, so many things could have gone wrong there.

Yep, it was a fight, by that bucket. One of these sharks got a mouthfull of fish, and swam right over Kalins head. Now imagine if the shark would have dropped some of that food close to him.. No, not worth thinking about.

And after the feeding, they all swam away. when they left, we went looking for shark teeths, it’s suppose to be good luck finding one. i didnt find one, but the Divemaster that took us down there found several, and gave one to me

I was so happy, my own shark tooth, but then i got unlucky enough, and lost that stupid thing on the boat!.. 🙂

But all in all a great trip, im definitely going again one day 😉

im so in love with the diving, that it’s actually interfering my travel plans a little bit.. well alot actually :-/  i will have to decide soon, if im going to see this through, and change my travel plans because of it, or if i will Finish my Divemaster, and pause it then, for awhile..  Cant do it all.but im so in love with this sport, that i might actually be likely to see this through. we will see 🙂

off to class now, later people 🙂

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6 Responses to Shark dive in Roatan, Honduras.

  1. Wow! Is diving something you would like to do for a job?

  2. Kalin says:

    Hey, that is a nice shark tooth…maybe you can make a necklace out of it……..oh, wait……….lol! Where are your shoes??

    • vedisfonn says:

      aha..ha.haha..ha.ha You so funny Kalin :-p
      And this is coming from the guy with the blue toe nails… 😉
      Oh, i forgot.. blue toe nails, WITH glitter.. 😉 hehe

  3. looks so cool Vedis – just a little bit jealous 😉
    enjoy! 🙂

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