Gleðileg Jól, Merry Christmas, Glædelig Jul ,Feliz Navidad..

My way of saying Merry Christmas to everybody, in Icelandic, English, Danish and Spanish.

Wanted to write a little Christmas greeting, and my thoughts around Christmas. I’ve never been somewhere warm during Christmas. Im used to snow, frost and darkness during winter, especially in Iceland where we have about 3 to 4 hours of daylight during our darkest winter months. Now it really does’nt feel like Christmas, here in the Caribbean, and im number one fan of Christmas around.

So my thoughts during Christmas always lead to, and are at this place,right now

Home is where the heart is, right now it’s in Iceland, with my familie and friends.

Funny, all those years i’ve lived away from Iceland, i miss it the most those times i’ve chosen to be somewhere else during Christmas.

We go bananas when it comes to Christmas, so if you are a Christmas child, Iceland is the place to be at during Christmas time  😉

Santas lille village.

people get in Christmas spirit,its a busy time and it tends to be stressful, especially for us hairdressers. Forget about taking some days “off” during Christmas. Also we have the best Christmas songs ( at my opinion)  And the city comes alive, with all the lights and happy faces.

we over decorate a little bit to…..

But i love it.. this is one of my weak sides, Christmas, i get all emotional, and miss home.

And every time i spend Christmas, in Denmark or overseas, i always say to myself, i wont do that next year. But here i am, once again 🙂

We are so much into decorating for Christmas that we even decorate our freakin milk container.. take a look

if that is not love for Christmas, then i dont know what is.

So i’ve been thinking about likes and dont like about Christmas and have come to these results.

What i dont like.

People get overboard with it , they spend way too much money on gifts, and cards and all the things they want to buy, just for Christmas.. Ridiculous.. People have lost the true meaning of it, and its so easy to get stuck in, the bigger the better affect of buying presents and things.

Often the reason for that is, parents have chronic bad conscience, because they work too much, dont spent time with they’re kids and in order to fix that, they buy the whole world for them.

Or the pressure comes from advertisers, sales people and society, you’ve got to buy this or that, or it has to be bigger and better then last year!.. You cant show up at somebodys home for Christmas without buying a present!..Where did this thinking come from!.

People feel obligated to they’re families and friends to buy presents. And of course we all love presents, or at least i do, but i feel bad if i get stuff from people i know can not afford it, but do it anyways.. This is about the only thing i dont like about Christmas.

This year, im buying one present for a girl at my dive center. My intention was to buy NONE gifts this year, and send no Christmas cards, but i got into this secret santa game so i have to buy this one gift 😉 Dont get me wrong, i love buying gifts for other people, but i am one of those persons that go overboard and attend to use more then i have in my good intention of giving, and then i have a big Visa bill and a headache in January.  Human with flaws..

This will be my first time ever, not buying gifts or writing cards, instead i will be using time and money in charity, that will be my gift this year to those i normally give gifts.

This trip, so far has had such a big impact on me in so many ways, and i’ve just  begun to scratch the surface a little bit.

Things are just all of a sudden getting more clear to me. And thats a good thing, im happy to be “awake”.

So, i will be here in Utila, diving tomorrow.. Never done that during Christmas before 😉 and eating Christmas dinner with friends. But its strange looking around, its sunny, there are palm trees, there are lights here and there ( but nothing compare to where i come from ) And they actually have restaurants open tomorrow and the 25 th..

So likes about Christmas.

The snow, when it is dark and there is snow, and all the colorful lights hit the snow and reflect theyr colors, beautiful sight.

Snowboarding, iceskating going for walks looking at all the decorated houses, and they are MANY in Iceland 🙂

The cinnamon smell, the smell of a Christmas tree, smiley faces, all the colorful decorations , the Christmas songs, all the Christmas conserts. And having Christmas lights in your window.. love it 🙂

And how people seem , although they may be stressed, more happy, and joyful.

thats it for now, i’ll say Merry Christmas to you all, may you enjoy it with your loved ones and may it be in peace and harmony.

A goodbye picture of Reykjavík.

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2 Responses to Gleðileg Jól, Merry Christmas, Glædelig Jul ,Feliz Navidad..

  1. Gleðileg Jól to you too. I don’t think I’d like being somewhere warm for Christmas, but at least you are away from the crazy shopping and spending. It has been nuts here for weeks and the sales don’t even start until Monday. : ) At least you are doing something you love and maybe next year you will love being in Iceland eating skate!

    • vedisfonn says:

      Thank you 🙂 and Gledileg Jól to you too 😉
      Yes, im happy to be away from the crazy shopping and stressing, but next year, its garantead, i’ll be at home , but no skata for me thanks.. yakk!! 😉

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