Just another day at the office!

Still in Utila, Honduras doing my Dive education. im loving it and i say just another day at the office because if im not at the UDC center, im in the water 😉 and this is how my “office” looks like

Not a bad view at all, right!

Been concentrating on doing some specialities because i need to rank up 40 dives to be able to take my Dive Master. So far, i’ve done and finished Enriched air Diver, Wreck Diver, Deep Diver, Search and Recovery Diver and tonight i finished my Night Diver speciality.

Must say that the Night Dive and the Deep Dive are two of my favorites.. wonder if there is a little Tec Diver in me, im going to check that out tomorrow, im having a talk with a program leader down at the center.

So tomorrow i will be reaching my 40 th dive and i can start my Dive Master on  monday, im so lucky with my group, they have all been waiting for me, because i needed some dives to go up to 40, while they all had theirs done already, so i’ll throw in a pic of the crew, plus Amanda. She will not be joining us in the Dive master program, as she is an Awsome diver already ( plus i think she’s already done her Masters)..  And she’s leaving us on wednesday to stay with her “family” during christmas, but i personally think she should stay with us, as we kick ass in having fun.. 😉

I love photos like that. Good times.

And im having some cool dives here, the other day we were so lucky, we got to swim with dolphins. These creatures are amazing. They were swimming along our boat for awhile so we got enough time to put our fins on and snorkel, and in the water to catch a glimps of them and listen to them. They make the cutest sounds.

I really need an underwater camera, it sucks not to have one, but Alex has one and he´s been good at taking pictures and sending us. we saw this strange looking fellow here, the other day 🙂

There is always something to see, but not always a camera, unfortunately.

This Island is growing on me. Maybe because i´ve fallen so much in love with the diving.

I was only going to stay for a week! i knew i would “like” the dive, little did i know i would fall head over heals for it 😉

So people are making jokes, because i keep taking on more courses, they say stuff like ” you are probably never leaving, people often come to this Island and they just dont leave”.. hummm… My replay is always,  ” i come from an Island myself, im not going to get stuck on another one “. Although, if i would have to choose, i would always choose the warmer climate, but i would like to be surronded by Iceland’s nature beauty.

But i am definitely leaving this Island in at the MOST, three weeks time.. Dive master should’nt take more then two weeks, and three is just to be on the safe side, and so i can rank up more dives, and take my IDC in 6 months time, which will take me up to a professional level in diving.

But i must admit, im so excited about going back to Iceland to dive there. Firstly, the water is so clear, crystal clear waters with good visibility and Strýtan is the name of one of the diving locations in Iceland that is world wide famous for its geothermal chimney. It’s supposingly the only geothermal chimney in the world you can dive down to. And Thingvellir, i am sure i will love to dive there. Here is a picture from Thingvellir in Iceland, Silfra

How amazing does that look!..

Im so impressed with Iceland’s nature, it just blows me away.

Other then that, not much is up. This is my daily rutine, plus i go to the local gym, i promised Lene some pictures from there, i’ll have them in my next blog entry, i promise 🙂 If im not reading for specialities, im diving, in the gym or sleeping…  i do go out with some friends and have a few laughs, but honestly, mostly im in the water. So on sunday im going to make up for that and explore the island with some friends. Apparently i will be doing a hike in swamps up to my knees at some parts, so if you dont hear from me after that, you know what went wrong.. 😉  it will probably be a true adventurous mission, and im looking forward to it.

Another funny thing happened this morning, i wake up noticing, that i had just dreamt in English!!!.. so im speaking, thinking, dreaming in ENGLISH!!… this is bad 😉 Not only is my danish getting all weird (  Lene thought so when i spoke to her the other day ) but my Icelandic is getting more “Strange” then usual. have’nt lived in Iceland for tha past 7 years, so it has been going down hill for awhile, but lately, when im talking to my dad or mom on Skype, i catch myself frantically seeking words in Icelandic.. this happens fast when you are not speaking your native language every day. Will be “interesting” to see / hear how i will communicate after a year 😉

This chicka will say goodbye and good night to you all now, with this underwater pic of yours truly

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