What is she up to!

Well, alot of things have happened since last time i wrote. i´ve been busy at my dive center every day, studying, diving, not alot of time for anything else.

And today i bought couple of ” must have if you want to dive” things 🙂 take a look

Yep, state of art, Cressi fins, shoes ( to wear with fins) and snorkel and diving glasses. im very happy with that purchase ;-)So now i can ” dive away” .

three days ago i finished  my Rescue diver. That was a hard but very giving course , which im happy i took. So finished open water diver, Advanced diver, Rescue diver and today i´ve just finished specializing in wreck diving and Enriched air diving 🙂 and it makes it possible for me to dive deep for  longer time. And tomorrow i will start specializing in Deep diving and monday the 19 th of December i will be starting my Master dive courses 🙂 im really looking forward to that, and i will be doing that with the same team i did my Rescue diver course with. They are so cool, here is a pic of us the day we finished our course

So from our right we have Diego from guatemala, Alexander from Paris, Rachel from Canada, Me and Maya our teacher, she´s Danish

and another one with us and our teachers

So, Frank our teacher, Diego, Alexander, Rachel, me and Maya also our teacher.

This is such a good group, im so happy im doing this with them, and the Dive Master.

Other than that, not alot is happening. Im enjoying my dives and the wreck dive was so cool.

Its´s funny, i always thought i had closterfobia but have found out through my travelling and diving that i am absolutely not closterfobic, my mom is but luckily i have not heritaged that from her , funny how we pick up our parents fobics.

It´s strange to make such a long stop somewhere like im doing here. im  starting to get to know the people that live here especially at the gym 😉

i like the life here, its not luxorius and people live happily and simple. there are no fancy furniture or alot of cars. the island life here revolves around turists and diving. Laid back and simple

Well folks, just wanted to give you a quick update, Buenas notches 🙂

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2 Responses to What is she up to!

  1. Soley says:

    You look happy:) Anægd ad sja thad.

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