10 things i “dislike”..

A great big hello from Utila..

Been here now for 12 days, almost two weeks and i feel like the Island life is growing on me 🙂

My diving education is going very well, i¨ve finished so far Open Water, Advanced Diver and now i have two days left in finishing my Rescue Diver course, and oh boy.. They dont make it easy for us.

We are four in my group, a girl from Canada named Rachel, Alexander from Paris, Diego from Guatemala and me.. So the whole purpose with the Rescue diver course is to make us equipt enough to be able to save people from water accidents, and in order to do it as real as possible, my teacher is using people from the Dive Master course to play the roll’s, and it’s not pleasant at times 🙂 They are throwing themselves in the water, attacking us, underwater or at surface and coming from all directions, panicking, kicking trying to grab you when you´re trying to save there arses.. I got so irritated at one point today that i actually considered to just slap or knock one of the victims out, in order to save him.. 😉 but luckilly, no need for that.

im loving the Diving though, and everything about it, it´s a way of living for me now, like breathing air going in the water, diving.. what a world.

I took a photo from my ” back yard ” for you guy´s, take a look

Yep, this is the veiw from my back yard, not bad ! 😉

I got the best compliment ever today from Diego who´s in my class. We were all hanging out yesterday, the class, asking each other questions like, what do you do for a living ?  and so on, so i tell them that im working independable as a hairdresser, that im running my own little company in Denmark.. They all seemed surprised and then Dieogo says to me, ” funny, i thought you were the kind of girl who lived of travelling, stopped at some places, worked for a short while and then kept on travelling.. That made me happy, my ultimate state of being.  A carefree hippie travelling the globe, and i look like that to people 😉 that made my day.

And i have to get around taking more pictures of the Island, but this one i find kind of cool

That sums it pretty much up does´nt it 🙂

I hear that christmas lights are up in iceland and Denmark, and my favorite thing in denmark in December month is to go to the Tivoli, Im like a kid in there, i love everything about christmas, the lights, the snow the cinnamon smell, people attend to be more happy, they smile more. December is one of my favorite months, and time. Strange to be in a tropical country now, at this time. It does´nt feel like Christmas at all, although people are putting up lights here and there, there is no snow.. oh well, not all bad to be somewhere in the Caribbean instead of home for once 😉

To a totally different thought, i read one of the WordPress blogs the other day, it was a dentist writing about 10 things she hated.. (strong word) about her customers.. She did that because somebody had blogged about 10 things they hated about dentists.. so she had a response, it was pretty cool to read what she had to say, that will defenatly make me think once or twice about it,  before i come with strong statements like that 😉 but i related to her and was thinking about writing 10 things i “dislike” about customers i sometimes get ( NOT hate, dislike) as to, i also get alot of customers who DONT like “going to the hairdresser´s” well, here is my list, although i have to say.. This does NOT apply to any of my regular wonderful customers, this is random throughout all of those years i have been doing this work, so here goes 🙂

1. I have often gotten customers in my chair that start out by telling me that they have had SUCH a bad experience with another hairdresser, and they´re so afraid trusting another for they´re hair. They have judged me beforehand, are thinking  that i cant ´do my work, because of they´re bad experience. That´s not a good start, neither for me or the customer, you are basicly telling me beforehand that you do not trust me and are sure of i will f.. this up 🙂

2. When you come to the hairdresser´s and you havent washed you´re hair the same day ( or for some days ago) and i tell you that i would like it washed, although you think it´s clean, but you have some left over hair products in it, then dont fight me on this one, because it costs a little bit extra. Firstly, your hair might literally smell, but im too polite to point the obvious out to you . secondly, you´re all wax-y full of product hair WILL damage my scissors if we dont wash it beforehand. And my scissors cost way more then you pay for getting your haircut every month for a whole year.

3. Dont complaint about the price to me and tell me that you think we are too pricey. Firstly, there are many other hair salons around, you can always pick one in your price rate, secondly i spent 4 years in being educated as a hairstylist, plus i have student loans.  I dont think its unfair that i get wages that are consistent with that. Plus my scissors cost ALOT of money and i buy at least two new pair every year, remember to take that in to consideration next time you feel like we are beeing “too pricey” 🙂

4.I do not read minds ( unfourtunately) tell me, Exactly what you want, or trust that my years and education in this field of work, has given me the ability to see what will suit you the best with hair cuts, colors and so on. If you are at the dentists, you will hardly rip his little mouth mirror of him and start to control and tell him how to work on you´re teeth, would you!. 🙂 You are paying for a professional work being done on you´re hair, trust the artist.

5. Remember that my work is with you as a customer. I dont get to have “bad” days at work, if i have them, im not showing it to you because i want you to have a good experience in my chair, but that does´nt seem to stop some people in coming to me (us as a hairdressers) in all kinds of moods, and literally take it out on us. I dont treat you that way, and i would appreciate you treat me the same.

6. My time is precious, i have clients throughout my busy day and i might be at work for 10 hours during a normal working day, if you are 10 minutes late, because of whatever reason, you are too late on your appointment and you will lose it. Dont fight me on this one and be all angry at me, i am not the one who is late, and yes 10 minutes IS alot. If you are 10 minutes late for your  flight, you will lose that flight, thats a fact. But somehow alot of people dont see this in the same way. If im feeling sorry for you, because of all the excuses and because it is SO important to get that haircut today, and i decide to “rescue” you and do that cut anyways, i have clients throughout the whole day who i will have to delay 10 minutes because you were late. Luckily alot of them are very understandable about it and dont mind the delay, but not all customers are that sweet.

7. Honesty is the best policy!. If the unlikely event occurred ,that you dont like your hair after i´ve cut or colored it, then let me know. Honestly, you are not hurting my feelings by doing so, and you will not be struck down by a lightning , i will do my best to let you go away from me, happy and looking your best,  nobody gets anything out of bad publicity and you are a walking, talking commercial for my work 🙂 plus, i cant fix anything if i dont know you have a problem with it, so before you go all unhappy from me, be sure that you let me know and give me the oppertunity to “fix” whatever is wrong with the cut or color, otherwise you´ve lost your rights to be unhappy with anything. ( read rule nr 4. again )

8.If you bring your kids to me, please do not force them to get they´re haircuts. So often i get Panicked parents to my chair with they´re kids and they just want me to cut the hair as fast and as well as possible under the circumstances. Are you aware of, as soon as your kid starts crying his/hers eyes out, I become “the devil ” in theyr eyes. They get bad experience of me, of the scissors ( wihich they think will hurt theyr hair) and the whole hair salon. It often takes them years to get over it. firstly, your kid can feel the stressful panicked state you are in, and that triggers they´re insecurity, secondly i reccomend to people, bring the kids early in the morning to me, when they are newly awake ( it´s easyer) or cut theyr hair while they are sleeping. Easy and acceptable 🙂

9. Dont ask me for any discounts. My time and money spent on my education and tools i buy every year, and the cost of having my own indipendent company does NOT get any cheaper, so im not in the situation to give you any more discount then we already are giving you with our fair prices, and please respect that. 🙂 So often do i hear people with big opinions go something like ” well, it only takes you 20 minutes or 30 minutes to cut and my hair is short and so on, so the price should be different”.. again, you can always find a hair salon in a different price rate then mine, but you should also remember that you are paying for art work, you dont bargain with that.

10. It also seemes to be popular to ask us hairdresser how much money we earn.. 🙂 This is such a up close and personal question, i still get surprised when i get this one. Its like asking the size of you´re underwear. Please remember to keep your conversations in a neutral kind a way, of course we can talk about whatever, and you dont need to watch out for what you say, but questions like that!. common, we all know its inappropriate and uncomfortable. That also applies with,  talking  about politics. Of course we can talk about it, but dont expect me to agree with you, my work is customer service, Yes, but if you ask me for my opinion, i will tell it to you regardless of you agreeing with me or not.  🙂

And with all that said, i still love my job. Fortunately, i have been blessed with the best regular client group i could ever ask for. Clients i have had, some of them for years. Clients i miss right now on my travels, conversations, smiles and laughs , i often brag about it down at work, that i have the best client group, so this does NOT apply to you guys 🙂

This does though apply to people that have come in and out once in awhile, people that usually dont stick around, and i made this list more from fun then anything else, just to give you a little light into the hairdressers world.

My job as a hairdresser is also veru fulfilling and giving, i have actually made alot of very dear and close friends through my work and people come to me for help sometimes which is wonderful those times i actually can help, and of course alot of the clients have given me alot, it´s a win win situation 🙂

Well people, off to sleep now, good night out there.

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10 Responses to 10 things i “dislike”..

  1. HØRT hehe den er god tøs.

  2. So true!! Glad you’re loving the diving as well. The ocean is a sweet mistress 😉

  3. Helga María says:

    Ó hvað ég er sammála nr 5 sem kennari! Sumir nemendur virðast halda að þeir geti bara látið allt flakka við kennarann sinn ef þeir eru eitthvað pirraðir, en það yrði allt brjálað ef kennari gerði það sama (enda geri ég það ekki!). En kennarar geta líka verið illa upplagðir og pirraðir eins og allir aðrir, þ.m.t. hárgreiðslufólk 🙂
    En frábært að heyra að það gengur vel í köfuninni, þú kemur svo bara til Íslands og ferð að vinna hjá brósa 🙂

  4. Iris Diljá says:

    juuuu hvad ég er sammála thér í thessu…..tholi ekki thegar lidid er med skítugt hár og vill ekki láta thvo sér jakkkk og ég er alltaf ad lenda í thessu!!!!!! En gaman ad sjá hvad thú ert dugleg ad kafa, ég gæti thetta aldrei er med svo mikla innilokunarkennd!!!!! Og ég las um slysid med litla 10 ára og ég er ekki enn búin ad jafna mig….gud minn gódur! sem betur fer sé ég aldrei svona slys….ég er med alltof vidkvæmt hjarta fyrir svona:O/
    knússss á thig sæta og hlakka til ad lesa meira:O)

    • vedisfonn says:

      Takk skvísí 😉 gott ad heyra tú hugsir til mín, sakna ykkar Dunnu, tid erud ómetanlegar bádar tvær 😉 mamma er líka ad fríka út yfir ollu tessu kaferíi 😉 hún er med sjúklega innilokunarkennd.. ´
      Sakn ykkar og knús í hús 🙂

  5. Hairdressers need to have such good people skills! I understand all your points. By the way, the best haircut I ever had was in Iceland. : )

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