Diving is a passion.

Well, finally i write from Honduras. There is bad internet reception here, and i´ve been very busy with my new favorite sport.. Diving.

Plus i’ve been having some difficulties deciding if i should or should not write about something that i saw on my way to Honduras.

When i started this blog, in the beginning of my travels, it was always my intention that my friends and family could follow me and my experiences while travelling, good or bad. I had a rather horrific life experience on my way to La Ceiba from Gutemala, i was on the bus and we drove by where there had been an accident.

It was late in the evening, most of the people on the bus were sleeping, i looked out of the window because the bus stopped, and there was a childs bike in pieces on the street, and a little bit further down the road were three men standing in a blood poddle. on the road, was about 10 year old boy,  lying in a strange position. Not breathing, not alive. And i felt so small when the bus just drove away, without anybody doing anything.. But then again, it was probebly the best thing this busdriver could do, because this would have caused a kaos in the bus, and we could’nt do anything for that poor boy. I have deep respect for doctor’s and paramedics that see situations like this every day.  I feel for this boy who i do not know,  and his family, and thought about how terrible it must be for a parent to get the police knocking on your door, telling you you’ve lost a child.. So my prayers go out to them, without knowing them, out of humanity and compassion, may he rest in peace.

But good things are also happening, im in Utila now, which is a small Island in Honduras

And my intention was to stay here for one week and take my open water diver certificate, which i successfully completed two days ago and now im doing Advenced Diver course.. 🙂 yep, that means i’ve got the bug, i’ve fallen in love with the dive. I knew i would like it but i did’nt expect to fall  for it like that, but i have.

So im taking my dive education with Utila’s dive center

And funny enough, my instructor Maya, is Danish 🙂 And i’ve been away from DK only for three months now, but it´s getting bad, so good thing i have Maya, i can practise my Danish while i study the Dive.

Yep, Maya came to Utila 7 years ago to dive and take her open water course for three days.. Seven years later she is still here, and teaching.. hmmm.. that sounds exactly like my story, except for, i went to Danmark and did that 🙂

So now i have taken this new passion a level higher and decided to stay for six weeks time. So when i finish my Advanced diver course,and the Rescue diver then it will be for the ultimate challenge, Dive master 🙂 that’s my aim, and im not leaving until it’s over.Plus my instructor thinks im one of the Natural Divers, that’s just perfect, .just even more reason to see this through.

I’ve been going out diving three to four times a day, and the underwater life is just amazing. I was a little bit afraid of my own reaction, if i would panik when we went down to thirty meters, or if some of the underwater life would scare me, but none of that happened.. I’ve found out im actually much braver then i give myself credit for.  And yesterday we were so lucky to see one of these Giant turtles

Such beautiful creatures. When i saw this one i thought about my dad alot. He has always loved underwater life, and i have so many memories of him building his own fish tanks, collecting all kinds of fishes, plants and i dont know what, frogs and he has had turtles 🙂 He would love this, i dont think i would be able to get him out of the water if he started diving.

So yesterday evening we had a storm here in Utila, so there was no diving today, the boats would’nt go out. I’ve been having a cold, so it was a good thing. Tomorrow though, i will be doing two dives in the morning and then a night dive, my first one. And the day after, we will be doing a wreck dive,  we will be diving in this  ( i can just picture my mom right now, she’s so closterfobic  )

And we were supposed to go on a shark dive tomorrow, but we will have to wait until next week because of the weather. Im looking forward to seeing that 🙂

But a part from a very sad start of my trip to Honduras, things are looking up. Utila is a beautiful small Island, where people ( luckily )speak English, or should i say Jamaican English. It’s so funny to hear, but everything is laid back and relaxed, people are friendly and helpful. And because i decided to stay for six weeks, i got my self a small one bedroom appartment in the same street as my dive school is at 🙂 It was cheaper anyways then staying at that hostel i was at, plus i have my own bathroom and kitchen , perfect for me 😉

And the first thing you buy as a diver ( also one of the most expensive things you invest in ) is a Diver Computer Watch . Im so happy with this purchase, i took a picture of the baby , take a look. im so proud…  😉

Yep, state of art,  Oceanic computer diver watch. this is the first thing of many i will buy with time that has to do with my diving .

Well, folks this laid back, at ease girl will sign off for now, want those who have my danish phonenumber to know they will not be able to contact me there anymore, now it will only be through mail, as i’ve found out that life is a little bit less complicated without a phone 😉

And three things i will share with you what im happy for, today.

1. Im happy for the oppertunity’s i have, to travel, and to learn to dive, for example

2. happy for all the wonderful people i´ve met so far on my travels

3. For that my family is at good health and everybody is fine.

Peace out 🙂

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10 Responses to Diving is a passion.

  1. Helga María says:

    Vá, það er ekki að spyrja að því að þú farir alla leið með þetta! Þú ferð aldrei hálfa leið með neitt…. rúllar þessu bara upp 🙂 Æðislegt!
    Mér líst líka vel á að leggja símanum, þó það verði erfiðara að ná í þig en þetta er bara svona tæki sem maður vill geta lagt frá sér en á einhvernveginn svo erfitt með það… Hann eykur samt bara á stressið.
    Hlakka til að fylgjast meira með þér frá Uttila. Knús!

  2. soo kyung kim says:

    Hahaha, very nice and funny. I just love you, Védís!!

  3. Hey Védís,

    I just want to pop in and thank you for sharing your travel experiences with us! Although I just post a comment only from time to time I enjoy reading all of your blog entries and staring at photos showing the beauty of the world – the photo showing Semuc Champey looked incredible!

    The co-worker sitting next to me got the diving bug, too and wants to visit Honduras. In the last few years he spent much of his holidays exploring/diving in Southeast Asia. So, I will ask him for some tips and post them here.

    Well, it’s time to get some sleep… So, finishing this comment I just want to wish you a lot of fun while completing your quest on becoming a dive master! You will make it!


    • vedisfonn says:

      Hey André 🙂

      Im happy to hear you follow my blog, i see that people read it, but sheldom know who are reading it.
      I agree, Semuc Champey was and is one of my FAVORITE places in the world.. Undescribable beauty, i reccomend going there 😉

      Yes, i sure have got the Dive bug, and thank you for words of confidense , im sure i’ll see it through 🙂
      And i can always use tips about places and diving locations .
      Hope all is well 🙂 we will keep in touch here.

      • vedisfonn says:

        P.s you can tell your co worker that the diving here in Utila is absoulutly stunning, and cheap 😉

      • Hey Védís,

        I’m sorry that I didn’t reply back to you sooner! I’m well, thanks for asking! I’m just a bit busy these days (Helle asked me to redesign hellenielsen.com, then we have some plans for evolutionhotel.com…), but it’s okay because I like to do web-design.

        Today, I asked my co-worker, who loves scuba diving, about his favorite diving spots. These are some of the places he mentioned:
        – Ras Mohammed (Egypt)
        – Koh Tao (Thailand – it’s the place where he learned scuba diving)
        – Sipadan Island (Malaysia)

        All the best for your divemaster course!

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