Semuc Champey, Adios Guatemala….

I did this incredible trip to Semuc Chempey in Guatemala this weekend.. I am almost lost for words, this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful, powerfull, breathtaking places i have been to in the world. take a look, this was me and my friend’s Jeanette veiw from our hostel bedroom window

This place reminded me of the movei “The never ending story “;) The senery was just out of this world

We were staying at this hostel, which i highly reccomend, called Zephrin. the staff was so nice and the atmosphere there was like nothing i’ve ever experienced through out my hostel travelling.
And i wished i had more then two days and three nights, this is the kind of place you go to, you sit down in a chair or lay down in a hamic and just glaze at the view infront of you

I actually felt overwhelmed at times.
They were looking for staff, for about two months period… I was strongly attrected to that offer 🙂

They needed multi Language European speaking individual who could also cut hair on they’re staff.. 🙂 but, two months is a long time when you only have 9 months left to travel so i could’nt do it, but it was appealing to me, imagine having this veiw every day.. Wow, what a sight.

And when i started this trip, i thought to myself one year would be way to much, now i feel like i need more time. It’s not enough if you want to see the world.

We did a tubing down a river, that was awsome, could’nt take any pictures though, my camera is’nt waterproof.
That was about 90 minute ride down the river, and my tube had some kind of super powers 🙂 because it was sliding much faster then the other tubes, so i found myself almost all alone, further down the river then my group was and the guide, and i could’nt hear a thing he was saying, nor could i stop tha damn thing, so i got this bright idea to hang on to the next tree branch i saw, it did’nt feel like the stream was that strong so i figured i would hang there until my group and the guide would come closer to me, then i could let go…. Note to oneself: never,never EVER do that people!! 😉 what happened was i could hold on that brench,  no problem, but the stream flipped my tube and off i went down the river to get that thing, with a burned hand and a wounded self esteem 😉 not bad though, it was more funny then anything else, and i got down that river safe and sound laughing about the whole thing, but that was one of my first war injury’s of many in Semuc Champey 😉

The second day we were there we did this crasy cave hiking, swimming, climbing jumping into waters, holes, waterfalls and god knows what, it was a active day and so much fun.
This was the kind of guided tour you will get NOWHERE else then in Guatemala.. There were so many ways of injuring yourself in these caves for example, my god. It was exciting and a little bit terrifying also, all at the same time, what a rush 🙂

May i introduce to you all, The bridge.. This was a 10 meter high free fall jump you could do.. If you wanted, and of course i both had to and wanted to 😉

Kinda funny photo, i guess i was thinking about not breaking my arms, so they are super close to my body in the jump, some women apparently did that some time ago, so just jump right out and what a trip 😉 definitely worth it .

I wish i had pictures of the caves for you, but again, my camera is’nt waterproof so no pictures from there but we did walking in water with candles, saw some bats.. i dont like them, have i mentioned that! and the thing about hiking , climbing rock walls and swimming in caves, in the dark is that you easily step on rocks and injure yourself a little bit, nothing serious some small cuts on feet, but so worth this experience 🙂

And we did a jump in the cave, it was’nt very high up but it was a fairly dangerous climb and then you had to jump on the right spot otherwise you could hit some rocks.. huummm.. Did i mention at that point that we were in a DARK cave.. it’s hard to see 🙂 sanother minor injury i got was climbing up a waterfall, a small one so climbing up with the water hitting me all the way up and the stones are slippery, the climb up went well but going down.. Oh boy, going down did NOT go so well, i lost the feet when i was half way down and fell down the other half, was really lucky, nothing happened except i burnt my otherwise already burnt hand a little bit more, because of a rope this time, not a tree brench.. 😉 but then again, some personal boundaries were crossed and it was all worth it.

After that we went to see the waterfalls.. What a sight

This is a postcard view but, it was amaizing, and i have absoulutely no words to discribe it and i feel that the pictures dont do Semuc’s Champey’s right justice but here goes

And me and Jeanette did swimming in these beautiful waters

I could’nt have had a better travel partner, we had so much fun and we are very much alike in so many ways which made this trip even more spectacular. 🙂

And today i arriwed back in Antigua, it felt somehow like ” coming home ” when we came into town again, i know the streets, the places and i have so many friends here now, which makes it hard to leave. But i KNOW with certainty that i will see the majority of these wonderful people again.
This girl for example, Sierra the hairdresser, the traveller, we have so much in commen, i’ll miss you girl 🙂

Mel, my roomie , your sarcastic humor makes me laugh 😉 Brenda my teacher, Steffanie;-) Victoria, Jeanette 🙂 so many people i will miss, think about, and i will stay in touch with

and Brian ,  ive found a life time friend in you
And this pic was taken tonight, some crasy good looking people here 😉 Rock, L Jeanette, Brian and me

And lets not forget Carla and Carlos. such a handsome couple 🙂

And this cute fella right here , I dont even remember his name, but we’ve speak spanglish together 🙂 and he goes to work at the travel agency with his mom and dad during day

But my wonderful,  too short time in Guatemala is finishing it’s course tonight, or tomorrow morning, after about 6 hours i’ll be sitting in a bus on my way to Honduras to this Island called Utilla to learn diving 🙂
It will unfortunetly take me about two days to get there.. But, will probably be worth it when im there 🙂

I´ve also gotten the green light on volunteer working in Peru, so i’ll be there around the 18 th of December and spending Cristmas there, working with orphaned children, im looking forward to that. Will probably spend around two months there, but first things first it will be Honduras for now, and good bye to beautiful breathtaking Guatemala.

i’ll end this blog entery with a text from one of my favorite books where this woman describes her passion for travelling, i feel we have alot in common

“To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice. I am loyal and constant in my love for travel, as i have not always been loyal and constant in my other loves. I feel about travel the way a happy new mother feels about her impossible, colickly, restless newborn baby, I just dont care what it puts me through. Because i adore it. Because it’s mine. Because it looks exactly like me. It can barf all over me if it wants to, i just dont care.”

Good night people 🙂

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  1. Helle says:

    Wow fantastiske oplevelser! Du for sej!

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