Cerro de la cruz and Brenda

Did this walk two days ago up to De la cruz which towers over Antigua,

a beautiful sight

I went with Brian and Mel and was wondering afterwards why i have’nt been hiking up there every day, it’s good exercise and does’nt take that long to go up there.
But it has’nt been that safe through out the years, turists have been robbed there and worse, but now there are cops there to protect the turists, so alot safer.

And today there was this annual competition held here in Antigua.. The best servant competition..  yes people, you heard me.. An actuel competition between servants that work at restaurants here in Antigua, every servant gets a tray and has to run with the tray, without loosing all the bootles on it and who ever gets to the mark first, wins 🙂

this was the womens catagory.. some of them were running in skirts.. Respect for that!! thats some serious hard work.
And here are the guys

This was a different experience 🙂 never seen anything like it, and people seemed to be having fun.

Other then that made some few travel plans.
I was going to be leaving Guatemala on Friday for Honduras to do my scuba diving license, but im going to Semuc Chapey here in Guatemala and staying there until monday morning, where i will go back to Antigua and from there to Honduras.

Semuc Chapey is a nature pearl here in Guatemala
Semuc Chapey means Sacred water in Mayan kekchi language.
It´s a must see place, i’ll throw in a picture here

And this here will most likely be the view i get from my room 🙂

Nope, you wont be hearing any complaints from me 🙂
im looking forward to going, im going with a girl from my school so we’ll probably have a blast.

I want to tell you a little bit about Brenda.
Brenda is my favorite person at school, also my teacher 🙂 i’ve been her student now for three weeks but feel like i’ve known her for a long time 🙂

So if you want to go and learn Spanish, Antigua is the place, people who have tried studying spanish in Spain, all say that it’s better here, and i cant reccomend a better teacher then the lovley Brenda 🙂 she’s at the Sevilla , so it’s guaranteed you will come from her understanding alot and speaking a little spanish after 3 weeks.

I will miss her and our talks, and all the wonderful people i’ve met here, but alot of them i’ll keep in contact with, and meet on my travels other time.

Tomorrow will be my last evening in Antigua, funny i feel like i’ve been here for longer then three weeks, i feel like i’ve gotten to know so many people and actually made friends and bonded with people in that short period of time 🙂
So the plan tomorrow night is to hang out and do something with my friends my last night here 🙂 im looking forward to that
Buenas notches!

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2 Responses to Cerro de la cruz and Brenda

  1. Diana Strasburger says:

    hey lady!!
    sounds like you are having a blast!
    Honduras is great too!! I actually got my scuba certification in Honduras too. Have a blast and miss ya!

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