Lake Atitlán.

I did this trip with my roomie Michelle yesterday to The lake Atitlán which is in the Western Heighlands in Guatemala and is surrounded by three volcanos and Villages.

The special thing about these villages is that there are Mayan’s living there, so you get an oppertunity to see those towns and villages and see how they live.

So we drowe from Antigua to a town called Panajachel and took a boat there on the Lake Atitlán and to these three Villages we saw. The first one was San Marcos

This is a cool little Village kind of  a retreat place where people go to do Yoga, eat organic food, get massages, alternative therapies and Maya style saunas.
If you want a relaxing place where you can chill out and get some energy, this is the place to go to .

We did see some Mayans there and i got this pic of Michelle in San Marco buying some bananas 🙂

And i took this one on the pier, beautiful veiw..

After that we went to the next Village, San Pedro

I really liked that place to, it was relaxing kind of an hippy atmosphere, and there were backpackers here and there, it actually reminded me a little of some of the Islands and Villages i’ve been at in Thailand

They liked Michelle alot over there, i dont know what it is about that girl, maybe it’s her crasy cool dreadlocks or her chilled way of beeing but they were trying to sell her pot over there, we thought that was kinda funny, looks can deceive 😉

The next Village we went to was Santiago.. Well, we were not thrilled over that place.
It looked promising from a distance

But when we arrived we were literally bombed down by people and kids who wanted to sell us all kinds of things. It was really bad i would say ..

But all in all, a lovley trip to Lake Antitlán and i loved the Villages of San Marco, San Pedro not so thrilled about Santiago but it was worth the trip and they also say on Lonley planet’s website, that Lake Antitlán is one of the top ten  MUST SEE places whilst travelling through Center America 🙂
So, been there done that

My only regret is that i did’nt know so much about this place when i came here, otherwise i would have stayed there for few days, and you can do Spanish school there.
I like Antigua, no doubt about it, but been in Guatemala now for two weeks and JUST been in Antigua.. 🙂 so, i´ll remeber that next time around.
If you love nature, then Lake Antitlán is something for you.

Otherwise still doing my spanish school. Planning on staying this week in school and leaving for Honduras on friday.
Yep, Honduras im planning on doing my diving training there, its cheap and good the backpackers say, so im going for that.

Also mooved away from my homestay family today.. It was a MUST thing to do.. They are so sweet and nice, but they were cooking too good food.. 😉 so im at this hostel now with my friend from USA Sierra so got a new roomie 🙂
And had to say goodbye to one of my roomies today, Michelle from Austarlia. She’s mooving on from Antigua so there’s only me and Mel left from the house.. Mel’s been here forever dont think she’s getting away.. 😉 hehe no, she’ll be going home soon to .
So a good bye pic of the roomies and good night to you people out there

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