Buenos Días people, this is Antigua calling!!

A little update from the happy traveller 🙂
Im still in Antigua and have decided to stay here out this week and the whole next week to..
My spanish classes are going well and im enjoying my stay here so much that one more week seemes like a good idea, this will be my longest stop so far, Yep Antigua rules

I like walking around, the whole town is like a fairytale place, and people say good morning and smile to you, my kind of place 😉

Another cool thing happened two days ago.
Antigua is surrounded by volcanos they have one humangous volcane called Aqua Volcane, you can climb that one, it takes around 5 hours, but you have to do it with a guide, people often get robbed there or worse.

Then there is another one called Fuego which means Fire in Spanish. So i have a perfect view over to Volcano Fuego from my school and this is what i saw two days ago early in the morning

Yes folks, Volcano fuego is very much alive, and we think it’s a magnificent sight us who are studying at the school, while the teacher’s are just used to it..Nothing new under the sun there 😉
Another good pic right here

It’s beautiful over here.
And made alot of new friends from my school, so alots to do besides studying.

Another important decision i’ve made, i refuse to make anything or anyone, distract me from doing this trip to the end.
I’ve been a little homesick at times and worried about things changing too much ( fear ) and thinking about people, well.. Im putting that to an end, this is once in a life time trip that im on and im going to do my best to enjoy it and stay in the moment 😉
that means im cutting out things that have been bothering me and just breath deeply and enjoy, because time really flies and before i know it im back home..

I’ve also been missing work a little bit and the funny thing is i met a girl from school who is also a hairdresser 🙂
Her name is Sierra and she comes from the States, so i cut her hair today and also a guy called Brian. that was so nice to use my scissors again
So my homestay family found out that im a ” Stylista ” and now im cutting they’re hair tomorrow. 😉 So ill say goodbye now with a picture of new found friends goofing around in Antigua Guatemala

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2 Responses to Buenos Días people, this is Antigua calling!!

  1. Helga María says:

    Sounds so good! Watch out or you will be offered a job cutting hair 🙂
    I especially like the commercial for the buns at the end of the blog! Thought it was a video of you and your friends 🙂
    A tiendo amiga!

  2. vedisfonn says:

    🙂 dont worry, im not going to live here 🙂 i like it but not that much that i would moove over here 😉 What video!!! is it something from google! i dont see any video.. Are you still in Washington Amiga! 🙂 hugs

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