thought for today!

im still in Antigua Guatemala and my spanish school is going very well, i have an excellent teacher who is patient and she’s good at her job.
Patient.. One of these things i have to, want to and am learning these days.

Have’nt been away from home for a long time, a little over two months now, but so many things have happened. I’ve changed in so many way’s and im just noticing a little bit of it now, and also just in more contact with myself.
So many things are going through my mind and i actually have ‘time” to think.. to meditate to really sit down and look at things around me, people, situation’s my own life, my own decisions my existence..

🙂 deep i know, but that’s what happens when you cut all you’re normal rutine’s out, you dont work every day and you dont see the same people, friends family.. You start thinking out side of the box, or maybe you just get the oppertunity to do that.

im talking to my teacher alot, in order to learn spanish we have conversations in Spanish/ English. She’s probably around 40 years old, has children and a husband, she speaks fairly good English and so i asked here where she had travelled.. She answered me back:  I’ve never travelled, only in Guatemala, i’ve never had money to go anywhere far. She said that with a smile on her face..
I thought that woman had been everywhere, she seemed to know so much about places and people, but she told me she felt like she knew alot about country’s, places and people through her teaching, and she was content with that, she did’nt feel the need or the urge to travel.
She also told me that there never had been that much work for her so she had the possibilities of earning enough money to travel or so she could choose to travel, besides she did’nt need to..
It’s hard to get a job in Guatemala and if you dont have one, the state is not giving you any money. You dont get money from anywhere, tuff luck..

We are privileged we who come from Europe, at least we get money to get by if we dont have work, people dont get alot but they do get money to survive.
Plus i thought about what she said of not having the choise of earning more money..
All these times i have been bitching about working too much, not having enough time for this and for that, and all along i had the OPPURTUNITY to earn extra. I had choises i could make of working more or less. And therfore the money to travel, buy chlotes, buy things that popped up in my mind.. What a luxurious life´s we live at home,DK, Iceland.. We have a good life, where we can afford things on daily basis or at least many of us.
I feel so privileged that im on this trip, and i see now better then ever how good my life actually is in DK.

It’s just funny how i’ve always thought it was one of the most important things to earn well, and make things look good on the outside.

Right now i dont think that way, right now im seeing how other people live and think, all over the world and it’s so different. It’s not all about the Income, the perfect job, the perfect boyfriend or the new car, the new appartment the training, the “looks” the training again.. 🙂
No, it’s about beeing content, having food on the table today, having people around you that you love and who love you. Its about compassion and understanding, it’s about seeing a little bit further then your own ass.. Not everything revolves about oneself. There is a certain healing and happiness in thinking about others and try to help out where you can,  and that is giving me ALOT these days.

A dear friend of mine In Danmark who is Icelandic tought me one thing that im remebering again now and practising alot these day’s it is to say THANK YOU erey day.. Say thanks when you wake up and thanks when you fall asleep, it can be little things if you´re having difficulties finding something to say thanks for like, thank you for all the wonderful people in my life or whatever comes up in one’s mind.. im telling you this does wonders, and really opens one up for other people and all the oppurtunities that this universe has to give you. it’s all about gratitude, seeing further then oneself. And Gratitude is attitude people 😉

So im also missing people at home.. in Iceland and in Dk. Nothing serious and it’s actually good to feel i miss them, otherwise i could’nt appreciate them as much as i do.
I was not in contact with how i felt at all before i headed out for this trip, and i wanted to be able to feel that, that i missed them. I was to busy going after material things, buying stuff, working alot, training alot, there was no time for hanging out with friends, relaxing or just doing nothing, and then when i had time in weekends, i was too tierd to hang out, just wanted to rest.
So i know now when i get home, these things will defenatly be changed. I feel like it’s all about my family and friends, spending time with them and enjoying them while they are here.
Anyways, think ive said enough for now. Just really noticing how beautiful and good my life really is, and how many good people are apart of it and let me be apart of theirs. Cant wait to see you all again.
Greetings from Guatemala

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2 Responses to thought for today!

  1. Soley says:

    Thank U Vedis!!! 🙂 For those many words of wisdom, u just have written…thank u!
    This is so true and im so very happy that u see that now! We all get lost sometimes in the race we call the pursue of happiness, the “happiness” of making money, looking pretty on the outside,being the populer person or the richest person of all things material, that “perfect” life that we THINK we want and need, but what we dont know, is that what we really r doing ,is pushing ourselves away from true happiness, which u so beautifully described in ur blog, about gratitude, giving and receiving affection and true love for one another..compassion, understanding and respect..Thats the true way to a happiness that lasts more than just a minute,just a day or a week…It lasts a lifetime! Thank u my sweet, dear friend..I needed to b reminded of this today..THANK U!

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