Pacaya ,we will power through!

Today i did a trip with a few girls from my school to see the volcano Pacaya.
I compleatly forgot where i come from myself and therefore got a little dissapointed when we got up there, mostly because i was expecting something magnificent but felt like i had seen it before, because if there is something we have in Iceland, it’s Volcanos. Although, i would not had wanted to miss out on this one.
This one was taken on the way up

It was’nt a very long hike, we had to walk for about an hour, the downside about it was it started to rain on the way up there and i am so not equipt for cold weather nor rain, i was expecting sun 24/7 when i started my journey..Oh well 🙂

Im happy i went to see it, but it almost made me a little homesick torwards Iceland, it reminded me alot of my country.

It’s a strong and powerfull nature

And on the way down it was dark, but we got through it safe and sound.
i met some wonderful people on this trip ( as always ) 🙂 And got talking to a girl from LA called Sue. We had so much in common and we could talk like we had been friends for years, she is going through some trouble in her life right now that i have dealt with myself so i could help a little and give her a little of my experience’s, but in the end she probably gave me alot more then i gave her.
I went away from her and that night feeling really good . I feel so thankful for all the people that ” drop ” into my life these last two months.

It’s funny, people that know me and people i know that have made these kind of trips told me this would happen. That i would meet alot of people and experience alot of things that would change me.
Well, im starting to see that now. Alot of people have influenced me in a good way.
I went on this trip also because i wanted the change and i wanted to see out of the box a little bit, im not even half way through and ive seen more in two months and had more experiences then i feel like i had whole last year.

Time goes by quickly and im trying to use it wisely. I like it here in Antigua and i love the spanish lessons and it’s nice to make a stop somewhere, so i had decided on to stay here this week and the next one, but im open for staying for whole three weeks, i’ll see what time brings.

But have to admit, now after two months away from home, my wonderful colleagues, my good friends, my whole life, my base, routine, my whole security it’s finally sinking in that im away from home..
so i miss them and everything once in awhile, im sure it’s normal. Im loving the travels, the places i go to, people im meeting, gettinng to know, different senery’s different culture’s, smells, sights, different point’s of views i like it all, but home is where your heart is. Right now my heart is in DK.
But almost 10 more months go by quickly.. 🙂
buenas noches people

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2 Responses to Pacaya ,we will power through!

  1. Soley says:

    Ast til thin! 🙂 Og thin er saknad mjog mikid thessa dagana i DK.

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