The day of the dead.

Today, 1 st of November,  Mexico and Guatemala celebrated the day of the dead or El día de los muertos.  I felt privileged to be apart of that with my new made friends from my spanish school.

We went to a town close to Antigua called Santiago Sacatepeques it’s a small town but very well known for they’re celebration of this day and they’re massive kites.

When they celebrate this day, it is done in a certain way, it’s over a 100 hundred year old tratition they follow .People go to cemeteries and sit on the top of the graves, eat traditional food that is only made this day once a year and is called fiambre, spread flowers ( yellow flowers at most ) on the graves and watch the kites beeing launched,and when they succeed getting them launched, it’s an amazing sight. All these kites.

Some of the kites are around six meters in diameter and they need around 20 men to get them airbourne

These kites are enormous and are made out of thin crepe paper and bamboo and home made glue. The biggest kites take around 10 months to make. Families make the smaller kites themselves and the tradition says that the kite is like theyre communication line to they’re departed loved ones so what they do is they put messages on the kites line and make them go as high as possible so they who are gone can read they’re messages.

I might add that getting these kites up is not easy so if the wind is’nt good enough or they wont get them airborne at the right moment these kites get dangerous all of a sudden and plunge down on people and most of them have spikes and things sticking out,so this can easily turn in to a little bloody celebration.. We almost got this kite on our heads from where we were sitting.

After the kites have been in the air for awhile, giving the departed ones the messages from the kites the families and beloved ones want to give them, The kites are burned so the dead may quietly return to their world. It is thought that if the kites are not burned, the souls won’t know how to return home and they will stay, damaging those who mourn them.

All this happens in the cemetery.People are eating on graves, sitting on tombs running on graves with kites.. 🙂 i’ve never seen anything like it, but it was a true celebration and a once in a lifetime experience

And that is a picture of me and M, we live at the same homestay family and are in the same spanish school.

I enjoyed seeing and experiencing the day of the dead, it was different and like nothing i’ve ever seen. i’ll say good night with picture of these girls from the celebration 🙂

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4 Responses to The day of the dead.

  1. ragganagli says:

    Geggjað hjá þér elskan mín… ohhh njóttu í botn!

  2. Helga María says:

    Frábært! Þetta finnst mér fallegt, að tileinka dag látnum ættingjum og vinum 🙂

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