Katie saved my life !

This blog is dedicated to my friend Katie…. 😉

I can not believe how i could compleatly forget telling you guys my near death experience..

Luckily, i had Katie to save me.. 😉 And for that i would like to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, without you i would have died out of an heart attack in Palenque.. We found a GIANT spider in my room.. i might add that this same night there was a frog in my bathroom AND a Gekko..  🙂 But then again, i dont mind them, it’s more the frog in my bathroom and that Giant spider that bothered me a little bit. The frog was “removed” from my room, but the Gekko.. Well, the lady that owned the hostel saw no point in keeping it alive because it “was so fast”!  that poor thing never saw what was coming…:)

But to return to the spider story, Luckily Katie and Kelly were both in my room and they are both Australian, so of course they knew how to react. So Katie suggested that i should get a shoe and squash the creature with it.. You never take your chance with spiders, they are 007’s.. (you have license to kill them at any time )  but there was no way in H… i was coming near that monster, that thing had ears and eyes and everything.. 🙂 not exactly but, so i thought. Before i knew, Katie in her own Australian brave way took her show and the monster spider was away.. Or at least a big splash on the floor…   i just thought Katie deserved a genuine thank you for that very heroic action and how am i going to do by my own if i freak out every time i see spiders!.. that will be challenging 😉

Apart from that, right now im in Antigua city in Gutemala.

Came here this morning from Flores where i met really cool people, over there a girl from Germany her name is Lena and a guy from Japan called Takatomo , i’ll throw in a pic of them 🙂

Thats Takatomo there in the ruins

And here is Lena 🙂

I also met some cool couple from Swiss, they have been travelling for almost 13 months, they were pretty interesting to talk to and a genuine goldmine when it came to asking for info about places and country’s, they’ve been everywhere 🙂

Also met a couple from France that were travelling only for two weeks, they have four kids at home but looked like couple of relaxed teenagers to me 😉 so that’s the secret to youth people, get away from your kids once a year for two weeks, boom you are going to look younger and carefree.

So yesterday was a busy day in Flores, i woke up at 3.30 ish and did this trip to see the ruins in Tikal. that was a good trip, our guide was so funny. Firstly, he had’nt slept the night before because he was drinking, he admited that without a shame, secondly he did not walk up any ruins with us he was too tierd.. 🙂 he told us that the guides never walked up with the turists unless they had to use they’re phones because of the connection. I suggested to him that if he would walk up with his groups every time he had a tour he would get a great butt and thies.. 😉 hehe, he could’nt other then agree with me.

Have to say i liked the ruines in Mexico better, but i’ll throw in some pics of the ruins from Tikal

This one right here was used in the film return of the Jedi, Starwars                                                                                           

I admit, it was cool to look at, but i just thought the ruins in Mexico were somehow more powerful. But we had fun on this trip, me Lena and Takatomo.

So after the ruins, we hung out a little and ate dinner together and said good bye at the bus station, with promises that we will meet up, in Japan, Germany and hopefully all together in Iceland next year 🙂 i’ll show you how this party ended at the busstation last night .. couple of normies here ..;)

Yep.. What can i say, couple of coffees later, this happened.. 🙂

Anyways, this morning after about 12 hour bus ride, i arrived in Antigua. This is such a fairytale city, the houses and the streets, the volcano in the middle of the city, the veiw is spectacular. i’ll throw in pictures of that later. Right now off to bed, so tierd after 4 sleepless nights in a row, and tomorrow, the celebration, the day of the dead. Im going with my spanish school ( which i just signed in to, today ) tomorrow to see the celebration, and then i will moove in to my homestay family. They are elderly couple named Chicky and Federico. Im looking forward to staying with them and doing my spanish course, so the next two weeks at least are planned. Thank god, they’re planned, i was actually getting a little restless, so now i have something new to concentrate on.

Buenas noches people 🙂

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4 Responses to Katie saved my life !

  1. Helga María says:

    Haha Védís getting restless on this great trip, thats a story to the next town 🙂 (isn´t that a saying in english or spanish too??) 🙂 If I were you I would have kissed the frog to see if he was a prince under a spell! Next time maybe 😉

    Hope you enjoy school, reading this blog reminds me of when I studied spanish in Salamanca, sooo much fun to study spanish and (try to) talk in spanish all day!

    Hugs! Already waiting for the next entry!

  2. Soley says:

    Hahahaha 😀 eg hefdi frosid on the spot ef eg hefdi sed tessa risakongulo….bleah! Se thetta alveg fyrir mer…:D

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