Adios Mexico, Hola Guatemala.

Now im in Guatemala.

Arrived today, said my goodbyes to Mexico 6 o clock this morning and took the bus to Guatemala.

I’ve been staying in Palenque which is in Chiapas. I stayed at a hostel out in the jungle, that was pretty cool experience 🙂

And i met these two sisters from Australia, Katie and Kelly 🙂 so i hang out with them while i was there, we did alot of laughing and had fun 😉

So yesterday we did this trip to Palenque Ruins. That was ancient to look at, and walking through this area and looking, was so unreal.

And the veiw was spectacular.

it was very different from other parts of Mexico i’ve been to. Alot more jungle over it over in Planeque.

So i also did this waterfall thing, we went checking out waterfalls and swam in them, that’s always one of my favorites, swimming and out in the jungle like that. pretty awsome 🙂

Anyways, i really fell for Mexico, especially Acapulco. It is so beautiful especially if you are a sunset person, then you will love Acapulco, so that definitely stands out from my trip to Mexico  i highly reccomend going there.

My Puerto Escondido trip was also good, for you surfers out there, that’s your paradise, right there.

Cancun.. Well, what can i say, i met cool people over there but did NOT love Cancun. Could’nt care less if i never went there again. it’s very turistic and pricie and it rains over there 24/7.

Planque 🙂 if you like nature, Mayan ruins and the jungle, thats the place for you.

I did not see San Cristobal, that was my intention though, and Playa del Carmen :-/ and some other places, but time flies and there just was’nt enough time.. So guess it means i have to come back one day, which i will defenatly do 🙂

i’ve made some friends here that i will keep in touch with and always remember, the Mexicans are the nicest people and fun to hang out with. Relaxed about time ( a little bit too much ) 🙂 and friendly biscuit eating people.. 🙂 seriously, i’ve never seen so much selection of biscuit ANYWHERE in my life!..

So good bye beautiful Mexico and hello Guatemala 🙂

I took the bus 6 o’clock this morning and drove for 6 hours until we came to a river where we crossed with a boat

That was strange, because im not afraid of the water, but there were these vortex things in the water, and it was all muddy you could’nt see a thing.

And then this guy from US tells me, ” last time i took this boat here we were Lucky enough to see a crocodile”…  I am not found of them and all of a sudden i caught myself in looking into the waters to see if i saw one.. 🙂 silly, luckyli we saw none on this small boat we were on.

That trip took about half an hour and then we took the bus for about three hours.

What can i say.. So far it’s very different from Mexico, but only been here for today so lets see what happens.

Right now im in Flores, which is an Island in Guatemala. I decided to stop here only for today, before i head out to Antigua where i will make a stop, for two to three weeks.

The reason i stopped here is because Tikal has one of the largest archaeological sites in Guatemala. Supposed to be a once in a lifetime experience, so after two sleepless nights and arriwing to this town today, walking around i have to wake up at 4 o clock in the morning, where i will be picked up by a bus, off to the ruins, and back to Flores at around 2 pm where at that point i will be walking around sightseeing until 9 pm then i’ll take the nightbus to Antigua and will be arriwing in Antigua the following morning at 7 Am..

Yep.. this traveller will be tierd when she arrives .) but it will be worth it.

Off for now, get a 6 hour sleep if i can, i’ll throw this picture of sights of Guatemala i took from the bus. Adios 😉

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2 Responses to Adios Mexico, Hola Guatemala.

  1. Flottust 🙂 er ekki hrikalega gaman hjá þér?? xo frá ICE

    • vedisfonn says:

      Hey skvísí 🙂 jú, tetta er algert ævintýri verd ég ad segja 🙂
      Tetta er upplifun, gaman og stundum erfitt 🙂 Say la vi.. hvernig er á landi Ísa?.. .-) knús hédan

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