Cuba, Pinar Del Rio and Guatemala

Strangest thing happened in my last blog entry, i wrote alot more about cuba but the whole thing vanished when i tried to post it so here is for number lucky two.

While i was in Cuba i did this small trip to Pinar Del Rio, and visited Vinales, beautiful  Vinales

it looked a little bit like Jurassic Park 🙂

It was a guided tour so of corse we were dragged into tobacco and rum factories, it was kind of cool to see how they handmade the cigars

And we also did a boat tur through an
Indian cave which was really beautiful and different to see

It was fun to go on that tour, because it’s also a great way to meet people from other countries, turists like myself. It’s not that easy to meet people unless you’re staying at hostels. so a great getaway from otherwise lovley Havana, and here is a pic from pinar Del Rio landscape

I did do a little speach for women travellers in Havana in that blog entrey that disappeared, ill try and repeat it here.

So for women travellers who are travelling alone in Havana.. if you’re not used to it, you better get used to it, whilst in Havana, you will get whistled at, you will get kissing sounds when you walk by men and some of them will make pass at you every two steps you take.. Do not panik this is the “norm” over there 😉 and Cuban women are used to it, as for us European women not so used to it, we attend to take it as an harassment, and some of it is an harassment, but keep you’re cool and pass by without giving it a thought and enjoy the attention 🙂

I would reccomond going over there to give the old self confidence a little boost, they are good at flattering women, it’s like they feel responsible for giving women enough attention so they go a little overboard, but no harm in that once in a while 😉

To something compleatly different..

This is how Cancun looks like now

Yep you guessed it correctly.. It is RAINING!!!..

And this is my whole experience of this god forsaken town.. it’s been raining from day one..

The people i’ve gotten to know here blame me for it though.. I wonder why.. 🙂

And they are expecting a storm over here, a hurricane. So i have to travel from Cancun tonight if i dont want to get stuck here because i WILL get stuck for two days at least, they say when the hurricane comes, and i’ve spent way more time here then i expected to, so tonight at 20.30 im off to Palenque.. 🙂

yep it’s in Chiapas Mexico, and it’s one of the boarder towns where i can take the bus to Guatemala.. So my plan was always to see Cozumel, playa del Carmen and Tulum here in Mexico, but because of the rain, and because i’ve spent more time in Mexico already then i had planned to im leaving for Palenque as my last stop in Mexico this time around 🙂 They have extroudunery Mayan ruins and jungle landscape. i’ve decided to go there and stop for two to three days, or at least until the hurricane goes over. Besides, no fun hanging at Playa when there is raining 24/7.

Here are some pics from Palenque

So, i am looking forward to that, and looking forward to leave for Guatemala.. i will miss Mexico though, i’ve meet some cool people here on my way, and they have all been kind and friendly, and Mexico.. Wow i did’nt think i would like it as much as i do, but.. There is nothing like it 😉

Well, better get ready for my 12 hour bus ride, Adios

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2 Responses to Cuba, Pinar Del Rio and Guatemala

  1. Hey Védís,

    I am so glad you got so many great experiences on travelling through Mexico/Cuba!

    Your photo showing rain in Cancun reminded me of visiting Cataratas de Agua Azul (“blue-water falls”) which are located about 70 kilometers from Palenque. Usually the water looks – well – blue, but a few days before my trip to the waterfalls it rained heavily and so there was a lot of mud in the water and the water didn’t look blue anymore. I felt that “Cataratas de Agua Caffee” was a more fitting name.

    I hope you have a great time in Palenque! I enjoyed visiting the ruins. There were exotic birds flying around me, I heard the cries of howler monkeys and of course there were many buildings in some kind of jungle setting…


    • vedisfonn says:

      Hey Andre

      Oh, thanks for the waterfall tip 🙂 i wont be able to see it though because im leaving Mexico tomorrow.. but i went to the ruins today, and heard the monkeys howl 🙂 that was an experience.. great getting some tips, keep them coming
      Ciao 🙂

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