Coffee! Te! ME!!.. Cuba :o)

It was not easy to get to Cuba. My flight with Cubana Air was 12 hour delayed because of the ” Weather “.. well, if you would have seen they’re plains you might think it was more because they were afraid it would’nt last the trip.. 🙂 But they took good care of us while we waited, and i say we because i met up with a cool group of people, they were really nice.

So on the tuesday, i arrived at the Caribbean Island, Cuba, Havana

Where they smoke big Cigars, and women dress in tiny clothes allthough they weigh 90 kilo’s plus, old cars and old buildings. It’s like being back in 1950.. Time has stood still, and life is simple in many way’s (which explains why this young lady here has’nt been blogging, it has’nt been easy getting online ).

I was staying at a casa homestay at this lady called Mabel, she was’nt there at all so i had this little apartment for myself. It was perfectly located because i was’nt in the middle of everything, i was a little bit outside, so it was easier to see how tha locals live, but mind you i was the only turist in that neighbourhood and people stared every time i went outside.. I felt like i had stolen something sometimes 🙂

There is Downtown Havana which is called Centro Habana and then there is Old Havana which goes by the name Vieje Habana.

I liked Vieje Habana better because it’s more old and the locals are there, it’s a little less turistic, although the turists are everywhere of course.

Havana is all about the Tobacco and Rhum and of course Salsa music 🙂
i just loved walking through the streets listening to that music, they are really good at that, nobody can take that away from them

Also a small info for you guys about the tobacco industry in Cuba. Back in the day they used to have a story teller who read from books working at the Tobacco factory’s. So therfore we have tobacco brends from Cuba called Romeo and Juliet and the famous Monte Carlo.. 🙂
And i’ve got another one for you about Chinatown

Chinatown in Cuba is the ONLY chinatown in the whole world, that has NO chinese working there.. 🙂 how weird is that !..

So Cuba is defenatly a Island worth going to. There’s a lot to see and im happy i went now because alot of things are changing right now when Castro’s brother is taking over, Cuba is getting more “free” as you may say. Although i personally see it as an Paradise island for me as an turist but a jail if i was Cuban myself.. As i understand it you may not travel from there unless you want to leave the country, like denying it compleatly. You are allowed to visit your country i think it’s like everey two years or so, because you might still have family there, but you cant live there again.. But they say things are changing for the better, it’s getting more free.. Revolution huh!

Fidel Castro’s face is everywhere still, on postcards, walls, in company’s ,Cafe’s .. Everywhere

And dont even get me starting on the postcards, those with children holding guns on them.. Cuba, so many good things and so many sad.. i found it specially hard down in Centro Habana, where there were women, constantly asking me for money.. Not for them selves but for their kid’s that need milk.. you’ve got milk where you come from, we have none!.. I felt bad saying no but you say yes to one, two all of a sudden your money’s gone.
one woman that asked me got really pushy, followed me to the store and put two pints of milk infront of me when i was paying for my water, expecting me to pay for her milk, when i had already said no.
So, these kind of things may occure, but you have to make sure it wont put a black spot on your trip or experience of Cuba, because it is a wonderful place, it’s just a little bit ” out there “. 🙂

After all the people are nice and friendly, you could’nt be more safe then there 🙂

I met this lovley couple in Havana, Tony and Mary. They live in America but he comes from Jamica..
So now im thinking alot about Jamica.. It’s almost on the way anyways..  i can just picture my friend Merete now.. 🙂 I can also see that i wont be making it to Australia in January, it will be later.
Also met a pastor on my way to Cuba, Bill from America. it seems like i’ve gotten a volunteer work in Peru with abandoned children through him. Im really looking forward to that, that will be challenging but im up for it, and ready to give of me as much as i can :).

i left Cuba today for Mexico, it is my safe base 🙂 back to Cancun, and of course it’s raining..
They say over here that i brought the rain with me.. Again..

My flight back to Mexico from Cuba is one i will never forget.. I think this plane was one of the oldest plains i’ve ever sat on.
The funny thing was, you know they put this aircon, smelly thing on sometimes when the plain is about to lend.. Well, this one did it in takeoff and while we were in the air, and that thing came from under our seats and the plain was full of smoke.. 🙂 and it did not smell good.. i decided not to panik when it started, i’ve never seen anything like it, but people seemed calm, guess they’re used to this, i fly every second month and never seen anything like it, take a look

🙂 kinda funny.. And i think it’s a Mexican thing but women like screaming in take offs and landing around here.. 🙂

Well, think this is about it about my Cuba blog, i might be forgetting something but i think i covered the main things.

Used to do this thing with a person close to my heart where we told each other three things about each other every day to get to know each other better, i’ve got three i’d like to share here now after my trip to Cuba with you

1. im happy i was born in a country where i have liberty to come and go as i please

2. im happy there has ALWAYS been work for me, maybe not always work i’ve wished for ( from my fish factory days 🙂 ) but always work

3. Im happy for i’ve always had the freedom of speach, never had to watch out for what i said out loud.

🙂 thats it folks, Viva la Cuba and i’ll through in a very inaproppriate cartoonpicture a guy made me in Cuba. Flew at me with this one, draw it without me noticing, and did not want money for it ,-) well done

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2 Responses to Coffee! Te! ME!!.. Cuba :o)

  1. Kristín Lund-Hammeren says:

    Rosalega ertu nú dugleg að lýsa upplifunum þínum Védís mín..Takk fyrir að nú hef ég fengið að upplifa Havana :). Ég var með þér í anda gangandi um og skemmti mér yfir öllum gömlu bílunum og húsunum,fólkinu sem starði og þeim sem vildu ekki taka nei fyrir nei.. Hlakka til að ferðast áfram með þér elskan :). Passaðu nú vel upp á þig fyrir mig,þú ert einstök og dýrmæt:)

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