I wish it would rain down on me !

It’s been raining since i came to Cancun.. It’s actually been raining since my last two days in Acapulco, which make this 5 days of raining in a row!!…
Im not pleased with that, but it’s warm so it’s not all that bad. It’s better that it rains warm instead of freezing cold.

Well other then that, i have’nt changed my mind about Cancun. It’s way to turistie for me plus i dont get to enjoy the beach because there has been too much rain to hang out around there.
But i did do this adventure trip where i went a little bit outside of Cancun, out in the “jungle” and did this adventure package experience thing.
I did this zip line thingy, ill throw in a picture, not of me though. Again it’s all about the money, i could’nt bring my camera with me,  they took photos and then you’re supposed to buy them so this one is stolen from they’re website

it was fun 🙂 especially because i met the nicest couple from Ohio, Henry and D and we were three in our group and had three guides helping us out and guiding us. We were lucky that we were’nt in a group of maybe 10 people or so, that made this experience so much more fun and remeberable.
They were so cool to hang out with and they were so in love 😉 not often you see so happy couple.

Anyways, after the zip line we did this drive in the jungle in a special circuit, driving outlander ATV vehicles in narrow paths with curves, inclines, ascents and slopes 🙂 it was so cool.

After that we did a cave swimming..
That was, without a doubt my favorite thing we did. first of all the water was so clear and beautiful, like this greenish blue color. It was in a cave so there were bats flying around.. :-/  im NOT found of them. And there was this zip line you could hold on to and throw yourself into the water from. But before we went down to the cave, the guide told us we could jump there from the top and down if we wanted to..

He just had to do that. i took it as a dare of course, so i stared down and it just looked dangerous.
There were zip lines, rocks that i could have bumped into in the fall on my way down and we asked him  how far down it was, and he answered, ” Oh, about 7 stores “…

So, the mistake i made was hanging there for too long staring down, and i did’nt want to chicken out so Henry said to me he would count down from three then i should just do it.. And so i did ,  it was great. What a rush 🙂

Of course now, im happy i did it.
And happy i met this great couple to enjoy this adventure with, they made it so much more worth.

Other then that, all is good. im getting better, felt sick two days ago, nothing serious just dizzy, sleepy and slow. Today i finally figured out what it could have been.. I think it’s the mosquitoes.. Yep, those blood suckers just love me, they’re having a field trip with me. Kinda ugly but i’ll throw the proof in here so you can see what i mean. But please be aware you might have difficulties sleeping after seeing this horror pic..:-)

And no, these are not bruises there on my leg, it’s mosquito bites.. All of them.. Especially the big thing by my ankle there.. I would not be surprised if im lucky that it did’nt get affectet and into my blood, but i might also be an inch paranoid here .. 😉 you’re never to careful when it comes to those blood suckers.

Other then that, booked my hostel, or home stay in Cuba, im staying with two ladies that have a home stay in,  hostel. My friend from Finland told me that would be the best way to go, so counting down minus two days then im off 😉 it’s soon

So until i write next time, i say good bye with this funny map i found on facebook, it really sums it up.. Well, some of it at least 😉

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2 Responses to I wish it would rain down on me !

  1. Björgvin says:

    Gaman! Ég sé ad thú hefur fundid svona loop-hole vardandi thad ad thú máttir ekki bada neins stadar… eda hvorki í vötnum né í sjónum… ég nefndi audvitad aldrei neitt med ad bada í vatni í helli… my bad… Og hédan í frá máttu heldur ekki henda thér nidur frá hlutum!! 😉

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