Cuba Havana :-)

I arriwed to Cancun yesterday, after a sleepless night and a long flight.
In Mexico, you seem to have to fly to Mexico City first before you go somewhere else, so it was a little  D-tour i took there, before getting to Cancun. but here i am and i must say im not as impressed as i thought i would be.
I’ll give it a try though, one day says nothing.
But my first impression is that Cancun is the most turistic place i’ve been to so far.

It’s kind of sad, it’s like they all thought to themselves : What should we do with all these turists in Mexico! and then decided to shuff us all to this place here 🙂
It’s nice here, it does look like the picture’s i posted in my last blog, but in order to get to those beaches, i have to take around 20 minutes bus ride, which this girl here is not that used to.
In Puerto and Acapulco, i lived so near to the beach that i could just step right outside and the beach was maybe 5 minutes walk.
But this trip is not all about the beaches, so 🙂 I have’nt been that much up to take any pictures, but i’ll throw this one in, it is taken from the roof of my hostel

Not alot i know, i’ll have plenty of photos in my next blog entery 😉

And the hostel im living at is very nice, they’re fairly new so everything looks good.. Im living in a room with 16 people !! I know, it sounds insane, but it’s actually okay. this is my room

🙂 yep, not to shabby.

So i have alot of things planned, im staying here until Monday morning, and tomorrow im doing this action park thing, which im really looking forward to 😉
Saturday im doing diving at an underwater museum and Sunday im going for an 8 hour Mayan ruins trecking.
I was supposed to go today but i’ve been feeling sick so on sunday it will be 😉

But the fun part is yet to come..
i’ve bought tickets to Cuba 😉 yep, going on monday and staying for a week.
This was such an opportunity i could’nt let it pass. Here from Cancun it is like 45 minutes flight, which is nothing so Cuba here i come 🙂

Im so looking forward to seeing it.
I’ll be flying to Havana and staying in old Havana and now it is the right time to go, before they change everything

Im so lucky, i met this girl from Finland yesterday that works at the Hostel.
She lives in Mexico now, she has an Mexican boyfriend. She is 24 years old and has lived, worked and travelled all over the world. She is like a wishing well when it comes to info about country’s and places because she’s been everywhere 🙂

So she is giving me tips about Cuba, and alot of these places i want to go and see.
She reccomended to me that i would take my diving license in Honduras.. i have to admit, Middle America is becoming more and more appealing to me.
I was only going to run quickly through Mexico and Guatamala but no.. My travel plans seem to be taking another course, surely but slowly .. 🙂
And that’s okay, i had expected that. So it looks like i will be taking my dive license there, that girl knows what shes’s talking about, and apperantly i get better dives, and it costs me less to travel over there, do the diving course and getting full accommodation then doing it in Cozumel Mexico, which is all about the money.
But Cuba .-) boy oh boy am i looking forward to see all the old buildings, colorful houses, people dancing, cigars and the laid back live in Havana.. Or at least that’s how i picture it 🙂

Well, i better get off now, been sleeping the day away. Found this cool training center close to my hostel, old fashion kinda cool.
Out to get some energy 😉

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