Hola Cancun !!

Two inputs in two days, thats a record for me 🙂 Well, off to Cancun in 6 hours or so, my time in Acapulco is about to run it’s course.
It’s been wonderful being here, but i can feel im ready to head off.

Only been away travelling since the 2 of September, but i feel like i’ve already learned so much about other people and myself.
im constantly surprising myself.
Things i dont notice in my regular life, that im noticing now. How i react to certain circumstances, how i deal with things and i’ve noticed that i am braver then i give myself normally credit for. So these are all good things.
And of course i’ve noticed some things i have to change and work with about myself, but thats all good. People always have something to work with when it comes to one self.

That was always my attention with this trip, to get some peace of mind and some soul seeking. Feel like i’ve already started now 🙂

So next on schedual, Cancun.
Been reading a little bit about it, it’s a party City, of course. It’s a popular travel destination for turists, especially Americans.
They also have Mayan Ruins there that i would like to check out

And then the city itself is supposed to be very eye catching 🙂

So lets see what i think about it when im there 🙂
Apparently i can very easily get over to Cuba from Cancun… 🙂 Think i might just do that.
Signing off for now, better get some sleep before i head off for Cancun.
It will be bye for now Acapulco.. I’ll miss it, but always remember it .

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4 Responses to Hola Cancun !!

  1. Du kan altså ikke komme hjem uden at have været i Cuba 🙂

  2. Helga Dóra says:

    Geðveikar myndir, frábært að geta fylgst með þér. Takk fyrir að deila þér með okkur.

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