Stinking thinking leads to drinking!

My blogsite has been very quiet since i came to Acapulco again, i know.
Both been busy and the internet connection has been terrible, so this blog entry will probably take about two hours, but what the hey 😉

Been hanging with my friends here, and at the beach alot, been training and just walking around exploring Acapulco more. I still think its absolutely beautiful over here.

And i thought the title on my blog was appropriate because i’ve noticed here in Mexico there’s alot of drinking going on.
Though this girl over here stays away from that ;). Been there, done that dont need to try that out again.
I hang out at the beach alot and there is alot of drinking there, every day. It does’nt bother me, i just notice it alot. It’s like a summer vacation every day and people put a stop on they’re thirst by drinking, and it seems to be beer most of the times instead of water.

It’s funny, im beginning to loose track of days and time. Nothing serious just have to remind myself what day it is today, thats so strange and finding out what time it is in Denmark and iceland compering to here. I would never have guessed i would ever be that relexed or carefree that i forget what day it is.. 😉

Another thing that strikes me here is, i am a turist like so many other people passing through Acapulco, but maybe because im hanging out with the locals or because im very open to pick up a conversation with people i dont know at all,  alot of them turn to me and ask if they can take photos!!…
Thats so weird 🙂 i’ve experienced that before in Thailand because of my pale skin color or that time i travelled with my coach, people were taking photos, but here im getting into those situations every day almost.
People say they like my skin color, the tattoos, the haircolor and the eye color.. I guess its the eye color because they are all so dark here and im not so im being asked alot if it’s ok they take photos and im standing next to strangers holding they’re kids !! 🙂 hehe, i’ll throw in one so you can see what i mean. By the way, i dont know the kid on this picture, this was one of these photos that were taken because i was asked to if it was ok.. 🙂

So thats Julio, me and the kid Dante .. 🙂

I really dont mind, think it’s kinda funny and people are nice and polite, and then they all want to give you something to drink in return, but this senorita right here always politely declaines.

Other then that, all is good, have’nt done any crazy dare devil stuff since last time. Just been getting to know the people, visited they’re houses, and boy oh boy am i glad for parket or plastic floors at home.. People dont have that here, at least not those who are working and living here down town.
There are stone floors and painting on the walls that is peeling off, no windows because of the heat, only holes and some mosquito nets to cover them. Things are so diffrent here then at home.
Yesterday i went to my friends house to do my laundry,they had a washing machine, but not the kind that washes it all the way through, so alot of it was washed in hands and hang up to dry..
Firstly it took like three hours to wash the whole thing, and not alot of clothes i had to was. Secondly i thought to myself, im so grateful for my washing machine at home..:-) small things you learn to appreciate when you dont have them.

Other then that i have been adjusting pretty good. Alot of things here remind me of Thailand, so not alot new under the sun there, but i do like Mexico and they’re beautiful Spanish language.

I was lucky enough two days ago to see a wedding at the beach. i did’nt get great picture’s but got som. I’ll toss one in here

It was beautifulthe seremony, and they were pretty young the couple that got married.
But that’s pretty normal over here and Mexicans have ALOT of kids!.. 🙂
I’ve met this family here and they have six kids.. Six !! and they live in a house, if you could call it a house. It’s a small two floor appartment, house around 50 square meters!! so next time i want to bitch about my almost 60 square meters appartment, that it’s not big enough, im going to remember this family that lives happily in they’re 50 square meters house.

It’s pretty carefree life though, if you think about it. Alot of the people dont even have work, they live one day at a time, without worrying so much and do what they can to have food on the table for themselves and they’re families.
So alot of the work people do here is turist work, they depend on the turists and sell all kinds of stuff to them. They dont get alot of money at all but enough to survive.

Another thing i did the other day, i saw the famous Cliff divers.
i was expecting like grown up men to show up and dive courageously from those cliffs but no, there are just teenagers, couple of kids that do that.. But wow, they are good ,these are some serious heights they are jumping from, and they have to jump at the right moment other wise the might hit some of these rocks.. it was scary to look at but they were really good

Pretty wild to look at 🙂

Anyways, im leaving Acapulco soon.. Again 🙂 i can feel im ready to head off, i want to go to Cancun, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen, so i’ll beter go soon so i wont use too much time in Mexico, although i have fallen for the place and the people, then there is so much to see of the world.
So guess i’ll be off tomorrow or the day after, but i’ll write from there 🙂
Keep it cool people

Greetings from Acapulco

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