Leaving Puerto!

Been here for 5 days now, not alot has happened, not like in Acapulco 🙂

It’s been nice and relaxed. I was lucky to meet up with Ori and Thomas from my hostel in Acapulco so i have’nt been bored, just restless.

I was supposed to start my diving lessons up here, but there have been delays so now i’ve decided to take the dive license in Cozumel, that was my original plan .
Puerto Escondido is a very quiet place during day, people surf, hang around the beach or fish and in the evening, there is music and dancing everywhere.
More turists here then in Acapulco though.

Yesterday i went out fishing with the boys 🙂 could’nt have had more fun

Yep, cought 3 big ones, Tuna’s.
So we fished, took it with us to the hostel, rinsed it and cooked it.
Guess my days back in the fishfactory in Iceland, came in handy there 😉

Other then that, i have’nt been up to that much, and because i’ve been hanging around, waiting for the diving thing to start,i did’nt pick up surfing, so what to do in a surfertown when you dont know how to surf!..
But been out swimming alot, hanging with Thomas and Ori, we’ve had a blast goofing around.

And tonight im off again, this time to… Acapulco.. Again 🙂 yep, you heard me, i can just picture my friend Merete now saying NO, not back again, forwards.. 🙂
But i was in a such a hurry when i left Acapulco, and i really liked it there, i was’nt ready to leave, and it’s an 8 hour bus ride over there during night, i’ll be sleeping anyways, and the cost is’nt that great.
im looking forward to going over there again and staying now, for 5 days at least, maybe a week.
The thing is i dont really have a schedual of when to do things or time limit, this is my trip and i have to get better at remebering that, and if i like it somewhere then stay for awhile instead of stressing about time..
It means i have less time somewhere else, but thats really okay, i just have to be at peace with mysel and my decisions.
I could feel when i left Acapulco that i did’nt want to leave right away, i’ve felt for the place, the people the ocean. Just acapulco itself 🙂 So now im going over there and leaving when i feel ready 🙂
So at 12 this evening i’ll take the bus, say good bye to sleepy Puerto Escondido.. It’s been nice though, but a little to relaxed for me.

I’ll give you a good bye pic of couple of hooligans in the water , playing with turtles 🙂

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2 Responses to Leaving Puerto!

  1. Merete says:

    Hey sweetie…
    .. I guess returning to a place for the right reasons is also a way of moving forward 😉
    Take care. Love you.

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