Hola Puerto Escondido.

So now im writing from Puerto Escondido, it’s a little 8 hour drive with a bus from Acapulco.
I was’nt glad to leave Acapulco, really wanted to stay longer, but at the same time i knew i had continue my journey.
Said goodbye to all the people i’ve gotten to know, here are pics of two of my new found friends from there  😉

This lady was so nice to me, her name is Mata, and every time i went swimming, she kept my bag for me and we had conversations in Spanish/English and she prefered to me as amiga 🙂 which means friend.

And this cool cat right here name is Leoppld Daniel.He’s an amazing 18 year old graffiti artist, he was fun to communicate with, especially because he didnt speak a word in english 😉 so we draw alot in the sand. And we made a deal, next time i’ll be in Acapulco, he will speak English and i will speak Spanish :).

And of course you’ve already seen a picture of the gang, they were all there saying good bye. I miss it, beautiful Acapulco and its great energy.

But today i arrived in Puerto Escondida. Its a beach place, very turistie, and alot smaller then Acapulco, they do alot of surfing here

 There is a long shore and some good waves, guess thats what attracts turists the most.

And they fish here on the beach, just like in Acapulco 🙂

Otherwise, just walked around a little bit, Was lucky to find out that two of the guys i got to know a little bit from my hostel in Acapulco were here, so we’ve been hanging out.

And this morning i got a surprise call from a very dear Icelandic friend of mine who is in Danmark, she knows how to put a smile on my face that girl  😉

Tomorrow will be my first day at the diving school.. Yep , yep this girl is going for diving licence. Im really looking forward to it, they’ll see to that i’ll get to see dolphins and giant turtles and even whales 🙂 that would be awsome. So its a five day corse and it will end with a test.

So busy day tomorrow, better stop writing for now, ill end this blog entry with a picture of my new neighbour.. Cute fella, he’s right outside my window at my hostel 🙂 nighty night people, stay fresh.

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4 Responses to Hola Puerto Escondido.

  1. Inga says:

    Hæ Védís guð hvað er gaman að lesa bloggið þitt og mér finnst þú svo hugrökk að ferðast svona ein og upplifa alla þessu
    Kær kveðja Inga

  2. Helga María says:

    Í hvaða númer er hægt að hringja í þig?!

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