Adios Acapulco !

Wonderful Acapulco.
Now my time here is about to run its course, tonight i’ll be leaving Acapulco for Puerto Escondido.
Wish i had more time here, but if i want to see all the places i want to see, i’ve gotta keep on mooving.

Yesterday was a good day, i was invited by my new found friends here over to hang out around the beach and some things were also planned during the day, so of course i said yes, im eager to learn peoples culture to know, and just find out about people from all over, how they live, think, act.
So this is what some of the guys were doing when i showed up

its a Mexican card game, they play for money, but small money, like one pesos per game or two, depends on how the last winnings went, and only three can play at the time..
I think i was getting pretty good at it 😉

Later that day i swam with two of the guys, Julio and Angel to Some cliffs out in the oecan.  It took us about 30 minutes in the sea and the waves to get to those cliffs, whitch isnt a long swim, but when you’re batteling with sea and there are no breaks, or nowhere you can stop and take a breather, it seems like a long time, but what a challange.
That was not the only challange, but as soon as we got on to those cliffs you had to wait for the right moment, the right wave that would push you that close and that high up to the cliffs so you could get on it, that was pretty insane because on these cliffs was massive underwater life, crabs, and things that sting.. 🙂 so the guys had to start out by rinsing a path so we could climb up to the cliff.

As soon as we were up there.. What a view over Acapulco, breathtaking.
And for the big challange, jump off these cliffs into the ocaen, and avoid hitting some rocks from the cliffs that came out when there were no waves..
So i had to stand there and pick a wave and dive as soon as it was close enough, at the right time.
Of course i had to dive, the daredevil i am 😉 i didnt want to jump like a girlie girl so i dow into the wave, and then, because you’re in a strong wave you have to swim upwards as soon as you hit the water, otherwise it will pull you down to the bottom.
Grade A +…  I did it, i jumped and i felt so good about myself afterwards, especially when i was told that so many chickened out of jumping when they were up there, unfortunatly mostly the girls.
Yes 🙂 so far met all my feras and challenges and just done it, without dwelling to much on it, thiking about it.
After that we drove to the other side of Acapulco, its more new resorts, the new turist places, not as nice as down here, i think personally. But the beach was cool.
Over there i did a horesback ride, never ever done that before, and as an Icelander, i should almost feel ashamed ive never tried that, but now i can say i did that in Acapulco 😉

Yep, yep, it was cool,  not as much fun as the surf kaiting or diving or jumping off cliffs, but cool though..

So now this will be my last day here. Ive met some cool people and charecters, they’ve showed me around Acapulco, welcomed me, tried to give me the best experience they could on these short 5 days ive been here and took me in like one of the locals.
Ive had a wonderful, colorful time, a new experiences, new ways of seeing things and people, ill leave this place with a smile on my face, a bag full of good memories and friends ill keep in touch with in my life.
Acapulco has righteously won a place in my heart.
Ill be back to Acapulco one day, thats for sure.

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